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3535 silver substrate

3535 silver substrate

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3535 silver substrate

The 3535 silver substrate is made of high-quality materials, and the production process is also very excellent. It is a circuit substrate and application. The circuit board at least includes the substrate. This material is a must. As the electronic technology industry continues to evolve and advance, the requirements for materials of this type of substrate are very high, and now because the technology is constantly updated, the material for the printed board will be more updated. The 3535 silver substrate can be generally divided into two categories, one of which is a flexible substrate material, and one of which is a rigid substrate material, both of which have different characteristics.
3535 silver substrate should first consider the electrical properties of the substrate material when selecting materials. This property must be mastered. The arc resistance, breakdown strength, insulation resistance of the substrate, and mechanical properties should be considered. It is the hardness and shear strength of the printed circuit board, and the more important is the manufacturing cost and price. The materials processed by this type of substrate are very high quality, the thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity are very superior, the thermal expansion coefficient is relatively good, and the problem of thermal stress is not easy to occur, so many problems will not occur, such a product is Better choice.

Product specification

  Material   Alumina
  Substrate thickness:   0.38±0.03
  Monomer size:   3.5*3.5±0.035
  Surface treatment:   Silver
  Set size (length * width):   109.2*54.6
  Finished product thickness:   0.53±0.05
  Number of monomers:   324pcs/sheet

DPC Customized Guide

  Material   AlO/AIN/Glass etc.
  Thickness(mm)   0.15/0.25/0.38/0.5/0.635
  Dimension(inch)   3*3/4*4/4.5*4.5/4.8*4.8
  Metal Type   Single-layer: Cu Ni Au Ag
  Multi-layer:Cu-Ag Cu-Ni-Au Cu-Ni-Ag
  Alloy customized
  Total Thickness (μm)   1-200(For customized)
  Pattern Construction   Single sided/Double sided with via holes/Customized
  Resolution   Min 15μm

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