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5050 silver substrate

5050 silver substrate

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5050 silver substrate

5050 silver substrate is a kind of substrate material. The substrate material of our country has developed over 40 years. At present, it has formed a production scale with an annual output value of 9 billion yuan. This scale is still good, but now it is developing. It is getting faster and faster. With the continuous development and improvement of the economic and technological level and the electronics industry, such substrates have reached a qualitative leap in terms of product variety and technical level. What kind of role does the 5050 silver substrate play in the package? The current and signal transmission between the chip and the outside world can be realized; the main way for the chip to dissipate heat to the outside world is the continued protection and support of the chip.
The material requirements of the 5050 silver substrate for the substrate are getting higher and higher, because such a substrate is more and more important for environmental protection issues, so the rapid development of electronic product technology also brings higher performance requirements for the substrate. This type of substrate is widely used in many industries, and it can play an important role in the fields of automatic control, microwave communication, power conversion, microelectronic devices, and aerospace, and the application effects are also different. Such products have good machinability, dimensional stability, and magnetic properties and versatility. Therefore, more and more industry sectors like such substrate products.

Product specification

  Material   Alumina
  Substrate thickness:   0.5±0.05
  Monomer size:   4.95*4.95±0.1
  Surface treatment:   Silver and green oil solder mask
  Set size (length * width):   109.2*54.5
  Finished product thickness:   0.58±0.07
  Number of monomers:   210pcs/sheet

DPC Customized Guide

  Material   AlO/AIN/Glass etc.
  Thickness(mm)   0.15/0.25/0.38/0.5/0.635
  Dimension(inch)   3*3/4*4/4.5*4.5/4.8*4.8
  Metal Type   Single-layer: Cu Ni Au Ag
  Multi-layer:Cu-Ag Cu-Ni-Au Cu-Ni-Ag
  Alloy customized
  Total Thickness (μm)   1-200(For customized)
  Pattern Construction   Single sided/Double sided with via holes/Customized
  Resolution   Min 15μm

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