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Ceramic substrate is the key point of the sensor

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The sensor has a very important core component, which is the ceramic substrate. Its development process can be divided into two stages, from technological innovation to cost reduction. The ceramic substrate serves as a conduction device for the sensor and corresponds to a blood vessel of a person. The sensor's perception of the external environment mainly includes vision, position, speed, force, and touch. But we can't understand the data. What we can understand is the content transmitted by the ceramic substrate.
The research and development process can be divided into two stages: the first stage, the exploration of demand, the emergence of new ceramic substrates in the unmet needs; the second stage, in order to be more suitable for industrial applications, the focus of research and development to control costs. Taking the 3D lidar sensor as an example, it has begun to enter the second stage, and the future cost is expected to decline.
Sensors for ceramic substrates have two trends: ceramization of the sensor housing and ceramization of the sensor core. In the process of evolution of traditional industrial equipment to the direction of intelligence and information, sensor play plays the role of sensing external information, and its application process presents three major trends.

First, the sensor housing is ceramized. Taking the driverless car as an example, the 3D laser radar plays a leading role in the sensing system. Due to the high safety requirements of driverless driving, the sensing system requires a variety of sensors to form a redundant structure. The temperature generated at this time will accumulate rapidly, which requires the use of a ceramic housing sensor to quickly transfer heat.

Ceramic substrate

Second, the sensor core ceramization, the horizontal breadth of multiple functions, each hardware needs to complete independent functional modules. Taking Pepper robot as an example, artificial intelligence algorithm is its core technology. The Pepper robot uses a variety of sensors, and the various hardwares do not have a primary or secondary function. The core of the technology is an artificial intelligence algorithm that recognizes expressions and languages. The combination of multiple internal processors, the internal junction temperature will reach a rather horrible level, and the ceramic substrate is also inseparable.
The ceramic substrate is used as a guarantee device for sensors to sense external environmental information. It plays a role in technology traction and scene upgrade for sensor applications, and will benefit preferentially in the industrialization wave. With the continuous improvement of laser technology and material research and development, the research and development of ceramic substrates began to show diversified trends. Some use alumina materials, and the cost performance advantage can perfectly suppress metal substrates. Some use zirconia to make mobile phone back covers, wear-resistant and anti-resistant. Drop and dielectric constant are their advantages; some use aluminum nitride materials, and the ultra-high thermal conductivity is the best choice for high-end research and development.
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