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What are the differences between DPC ceramic substrates and BDC ceramic substrates?

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Ceramic substrates are generally classified into aluminum oxide ceramic substrates and aluminum nitride ceramic substrates according to the sheet metal; DPC ceramic substrates, COB ceramic substrates, BDC ceramic substrates, etc. according to the process, then the difference between DPC ceramic substrates and BDC ceramic substrates Where is it?
DPC ceramic substrate
First look at what is a DPC ceramic substrate, what is a BDC ceramic substrate
These two kinds of boards are mainly named because of different processes. DPC ceramic substrate adopts DPC-magnetron sputtering + electroplating process with high precision and high equipment cost; DBC process - copper is directly sintered to ceramic board, direct printing - The thick film process equipment is cheap, the process is mature, but the precision is not high. The alumina ceramic manufacturing method has a casting method dry pressing gel.

Second, it is the difference and difference between the two process applications.

DPC ceramic

DBC technology. The copper layer is thick, the processing is fast, the price is cheap, and it can be made into multiple layers, which is suitable for large-area production.
However, this technique cannot pass through holes, has poor precision, and has low flatness (surface roughness). Suitable for installation on products with large spacing, not in the precision industry. Now people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and the quality requirements for products are getting higher and higher.
DPC technology This technology uses copper sputtering to perform copper plating. This step is one step ahead of other processes. Its advantage is that it has high precision. Good flatness, good bonding force (relative to the range of use), can pass through the hole.
The disadvantage is that this technology can only make thin plates (thickness <300μm), and its cost is high, production is limited, and the time of regular shipment cannot be timely.
The above is a description of the differences between DPC ceramic substrates and BDC ceramic substrates. I hope to help you. In addition, there are other technical processes in the market. For more details, please contact Saichuang Electric Co., Ltd.
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