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Tell everyone about the development trend and performance characteristics of ceramic substrates

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Ceramic substrates are the basic raw materials for the information industry. Since the beginning of the copper clad laminate manufactured by the phenolic resin substrate in 1943, the development of the substrate material has been very rapid. The circuit board can be roughly classified into three types: a polymer circuit board (printed circuit board), a metal circuit board (metal board), and a ceramic circuit board.
Let's focus on the ceramic circuit substrate:
A ceramic substrate refers to a special process plate in which a copper foil is directly bonded to a surface (single or double sided) of a ceramic substrate at a high temperature. The ultra-thin composite substrate produced has excellent electrical insulation function, high thermal conductivity, excellent solderability and high adhesion strength, and can etch various patterns like a PCB board, and has a large current carrying capacity. Talent. Therefore, ceramic substrates have become the basic material for high-power power electronic circuit structural skills and interconnection skills.
1. Introduction to ceramic substrate
Alumina ceramic substrates are ceramic substrates that appear earlier, and the development trend is always good. In 2015, the output value of domestic alumina ceramic substrates (thermal conductivity 25W/m·K) exceeded 2 million square meters, accounting for about 10% of the world's total output value.
The aluminum nitride ceramic substrate has played a more excellent role on the basis of alumina. In 2015, the domestic aluminum nitride ceramic substrate (thermal conductivity 200W/m·K) has an output value of about 5,000 square meters, accounting for about 0.1% of the world's total output value. .
In the prior art, it is generally considered that silicon nitride has a low thermal conductivity, so it is not suitable as a circuit substrate. However, in recent years, as disclosed in Japanese Laid-Open Patent Publication No. 135771/1994, an improvement in the thermal conductivity of the advanced silicon nitride ceramic is disclosed, and a silicon nitride ceramic having a thermal conductivity of about 120 W/MK has been obtained.
2. Ceramic substrate characteristics
The ceramic electronic substrate has strong mechanical stress and stable appearance; high strength, high thermal conductivity and high insulation; strong separation force and anti-corrosion; excellent thermal cycle function, cycle number up to 50,000 times, high reliability; and PCB board (or IMS substrate) can etch the structure of various graphics; no pollution, no pollution.

However, its output value is extremely low. Because of the manufacturing skills and the cost of manufacturing technology, the higher-end new ceramic substrate unit is now more expensive, but the product consumption process and the product itself are completely environmentally friendly. After the skill bottleneck and trade barriers are broken, the price will be added along with the output value. The sharp decrease is the direction in which the electronic circuit substrate is unfolded in the future.

Tell everyone about the development trend and performance characteristics of ceramic substrates

3. Advantages of ceramic substrates
The thermal shrinkage coefficient of the ceramic substrate is close to that of the silicon chip, which can save the transition layer Mo film, save labor, material and reduce the cost; reduce the solder layer, reduce the thermal resistance, reduce the void, and advance the scrap rate;
The 0.3mm thick copper foil line width is only 10% of that of a general printed circuit board under the same current carrying capacity; the excellent thermal conductivity makes the chip package very compact, thus greatly increasing the power density and improving the reliability of the system and the device;
Ultra-thin (0.25mm) ceramic substrate can replace BeO, no environmental toxicity problem;
The current carrying capacity is large, and the current of 100A is successively passed through a copper body of 1mm width and 0.3mm thickness, and the temperature rise is about 17°C; the current of 100A is successively passed through a copper body of 2mm width and 0.3mm thickness, and the temperature rise is only about 5°C;
Low thermal resistance, thermal resistance of ceramic substrate of 0.6×mm thickness of 10×10mm ceramic substrate is 0.31K/W, thermal resistance of ceramic substrate with thickness of 0.38mm is 0.19K/W, heat of ceramic substrate with thickness of 0.25mm The resistance is 0.14K/W;
The insulation withstand voltage is high, ensuring personal safety and equipment protection.
4. Functional request for ceramic substrate
Mechanical properties: It has high enough mechanical strength. It can be used as a supporting member in addition to components. It has good processability and high dimensional accuracy. It is simple to complete multi-layer; smooth surface, no warpage, bending, micro-cracks, etc.
Electrical properties: high insulation voltage and insulation destruction voltage; low dielectric constant; low dielectric loss; stable function under high temperature and high humidity conditions to ensure reliability.
Thermal properties: high thermal conductivity; thermal shrinkage coefficient matching with related materials (especially with thermal contraction coefficient of Si); excellent heat resistance.
Other properties: good chemical stability; simple metallization, strong circuit pattern and adhesion; no hygroscopicity; oil and chemical resistance; low emission of α-ray; non-polluting and non-toxic substances used; The crystal structure does not change; the raw materials are rich; the skills are sophisticated; the manufacturing is simple; the general ceramic substrate is low in price.
5. Current stage shopping mall
Electric cars, subways and high-speed rail: Germany, Norway and the United States and other 18 countries announced that they would stop the consumption and sales of fuel cars in 2030, which is good for electric cars. The National Belt and Road strategy is beneficial to high-speed rail shopping malls. The establishment of national urbanization is beneficial to urban rail transit shopping malls. Domestic electric car ceramic substrate shopping malls exceed 10 billion yuan / year.
Semiconductor refrigeration: Semiconductor refrigeration sheets can be used for temperature control and temperature difference power generation. Today, ceramic substrate shopping malls for semiconductor refrigeration sheets exceed 100 million yuan per year.
LED lighting: On the New Year's Day of 2014, the US government legislated to stop the consumption and sales of incandescent lamps, and LED shopping malls burst out. The Blu-ray LED was awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics. The silicon-based LED lighting research won the first prize of the 2014 National Skills Invention in China. Domestic LED lighting ceramic substrate shopping malls exceed 20 billion yuan / year.
5G Communication: Huawei and ZTE have previously listed semiconductor refrigeration skills as key support technologies for 5G communication equipment and terminals. It is expected that high-efficiency cooling technology products will increase in the 5G communication malls, which is expected to exceed 5 billion yuan/year. Future skills hotspots in the information industry such as cloud computing big data, artificial intelligence, driverless and robotics all require strong support for high-performance ceramic electronic circuit substrate materials.
5. Ceramic substrate development trend
Since the advent of ceramic substrate products, the opening of the heat dissipation use profession has been opened. Because of the heat dissipation characteristics of the ceramic substrate, and the ceramic substrate has the advantages of high heat dissipation, low thermal resistance, long life, and withstand voltage, the product price is accelerated with the improvement of consumer skills and equipment. Rationalized, the industry's future shopping malls should be broad.

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