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What kind of problems will the domestic LED industry have for aluminum substrates?

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At present, in LED occupation, LED aluminum substrate is a more common kind of substrate, and what problems exist in domestic LED aluminum substrate:
1. Confusion of the pressure target of LED aluminum substrate; including the breakdown voltage and arc effect turbidity; the contradiction between the whole lamp withstand voltage and the withstand voltage of LED aluminum substrate; the influence of circuit planning and structural planning on withstand voltage, and some light strips on the market LED aluminum substrate measured withstand voltage actually can not pass 800V.
2. Consistent confusion of the thermal conductivity test method and the results of the test, such as laser internal light detection method; 5740 test; thermal conductivity of the dielectric layer and thermal conductivity of the LED aluminum substrate waste.
3. The data standards for aluminum-based copper clad laminates are not consistent. There are professional standards of CPCA, national standards, world standards, etc.
4, LED aluminum substrate copper foil thickness is not up to standard, some 18UM measured is only 15UM or lower, only 10UM line fine hours cause burning circuit, explosion power supply and so on.
5, the spoiler of the cottage defective products, cut corners, shoddy, shoddy and pick up.
Today's professional situation is that there is no consistent version from planning standards, processing technology, to inspection standards. It is basically a matter of saying, even if you only need to buy me, you will sell it. You only need to sell me to buy it. I don’t talk about the quality of the product at all. For a time, the price of the products in the shopping mall is chaotic, causing the products to be full of power, light source, power supply, LED aluminum substrate is the three major nuclear components that constitute the whole lamp, the chaos of the LED aluminum substrate, the end Also affected the LED lighting mall.

LED aluminum substrate to get out of the puzzled way to do the following: First, there should be no higher standards to the higher level of occupation; then the supply and demand sides designated data providers; supply and demand sides to determine the acceptance criteria; designated authority to test.

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