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Ceramic substrates will be launched in a new era, pay attention to it.

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Following the advent of the Industry 4.0 period, the electronics industry has picked up again, and PCB shopping malls have soared year after year. At the same time, thanks to the profit growth of LED, car electronics, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and information communication, PCB board has experienced several rounds of growth. On the other hand, because of the long production cycle of electrolytic copper foil, the situation of traditional circuit boards seeking more than supply is gradually increasing. The ceramic circuit board relies on its high thermal conductivity, strong separation force and low frequency loss, and is gradually recognized by many merchants, ushered in a long-term development trend. Based on this set, the revision of OFweek Electronic Engineering Network was also fortunate to interview Song Dengzhou, the general manager of R&F Tianyi Co., Ltd., to discuss the current status and trends of ceramic substrates.
Metabolism leads the electronics industry
As the first "Internet + Ceramic Board" company in the industry, the first products of R&F Tianyi are alumina ceramic substrates and aluminum nitride ceramic substrates. Compared with conventional circuit boards using aluminum-based, copper-based, and resin-based, ceramic substrates have good high-frequency functions and electrical functions, and organic substrates with high thermal conductivity, chemical stability, and thermal stability are not available. The function is the ideal packaging material for a new generation of large-scale integrated circuits and power electronic modules.

Of course, the ceramic-based function is of good quality, but its production difficulty is also rising. Song Dengzhou showed that the ceramic root itself is fragile, and it is necessary to accurately control the parameters in the production process to ensure the product rejection rate. R & F Tian's current ceramic substrate product process has dozens of links. For customers in different fields, the company will also flatten the surface of the product, the line width of the pattern, the line spacing, the thickness of the conductive copper layer, and the laser. The pore size of the hole, the cutting of the ceramic, and the manner of surface treatment are adjusted accordingly.

Ceramic substrates

On the other hand, faced with the development of many industries such as semiconductor lighting, electronic power, car electronics and new energy, Song Dengzhou also indicated that due to the improvement of supporting technology and the increasing domestic demand, ceramics according to the needs of shopping malls and customer-oriented The rapid rise of circuit boards is bound to lead the development trend of the electronics industry.
Control Center Skills Planning 5G Period
The laser rapid activation metallization skill is to use a high-energy laser beam to ionize the ceramic and metal, let them grow together to make them strong and apart. This skill can be used to complete the consumption of single-sided, double-sided, three-dimensional ceramic circuit boards, and now it is mainly used in military products.
The DPC skill first stops the metallization of the substrate surface under vacuum conditions by surface deposition processes such as evaporation and magnetron sputtering. The direct copper plating can be between 0.1 and 5 ounces, the surface copper thickness is between 1-5 ounces, and the copper surface roughness is ≤0.3 UM. The through hole plating can be satisfactorily sealed and the surface of the via hole is free from holes. The process line width can reach 0.1mm, and can be disposed on the surface according to customer's request for Shenjin, Shenhuang Palladium, Shenyang, Shenxi, OSP.
With the 5G commercial time gradually approaching, the number of domestic base stations has been turned over several times to ensure that the hottest downtown area can also be quickly connected to ensure that the most uninhabited Saibei corner also has signal interaction. In order to reach the communication and convenience of communication, in addition to the number of base stations, the quality of information uploading and downloading is also very important, and the base station is required to operate for a long time, which will directly affect the difficulty of repairing and repairing, and must also consider the life of the material.
Faced with the selection of 5G base station building materials, Song Dengzhou said that ceramic-based pcb is the first choice for 5G signals. Compared with other organic material substrates and common aluminum-copper substrates, ceramic PCBs have lower dielectric loss and excellent dielectric constant characteristics. More effective in ensuring the circulation and communication of electrical information. Because the thermal shrinkage of the ceramic PCB and the silicon chip are closer, the desoldering caused by excessive temperature and temperature difference can be avoided.
Industrial chain collaborates to build a global pre-emptive brand
With the further expansion of the field of ceramic-based circuit boards, the industrial chain has also ushered in new challenges. Regarding the downstream use industry, the new products will surely bring new shopping malls, and the differentiated wars in the electronics industry will surely face the promotion and extension of the products. Customers from upstream and downstream industries can follow their own steps from time to time, and it is also a competitive advantage for companies to achieve long-term cooperation and win-win.
Faced with the challenges of the industrial chain, R&F Tianyi launched from the single LED industry to LED, sensor, communication electronics, car electronics, electronic power, high-power semiconductor modules, medical equipment, etc. in the three years from R&D to mass production. The fields have been completed in mass production, and the customer groups from SMEs to research institutes to military units, foreign-funded enterprises, and listed groups will strive to be the global leader in the ceramic-based circuit board industry in the next one to two years.
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