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The rise of DPC ceramics in the enterprise, taking the lead in creating advanced manufacturing industries

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The concept of DPC ceramic Internet + manufacturing was not a novelty, but by now 2018, the integration of the Internet industry and traditional manufacturing operations is still not optimistic. We all know that the latest operations from the Internet are electronic operations, and the connection with the Internet can be said to complement each other. At present, the Internet is not finished, so other production banks can only help.
But this year, a ceramic substrate manufacturing company officially emerged, using the form of Internet +, successfully became one of the best ceramic substrate companies in the industry, together with the industry's first Internet + ceramic substrate company, his success heralds China's electronic production The integration of industry and the Internet has reached a new height, providing an excellent sample for the development of other manufacturing operations in the future.

After the publication of "China's Production 2025", 30 provinces and cities across the country have drawn up action plans to explore the road to transformation and promotion. As early as the global financial crisis in 2008, the industrial transformation was planned. “Ten years of grinding a sword”, after the process transformation, automation, and informationization, has initially interpreted the connotation of high-quality “Made in China”. "China's production is unlikely to be completed as a whole, and it will only be surrounded by some areas, and it will be the mainstay of the Sparks." In the view of Xu Jiabin, a strategic advisory committee for the country's production powerhouse, it is one of the first companies to be surrounded.

DPC ceramic

DPC ceramics integrates development, consumption, and sale, and each link has a large amount of Internet use, and it provides strong support. In the development stage, the use of Internet big data suspension research, to obtain market demand information, and directly developed by the national level laboratory, the product and the market seamlessly separated, in the end, the Internet's achievements. In the consumption phase, using modern advanced factory technology, modern production lines can greatly improve consumption efficiency, and reduce the cost to the maximum limit. In the end, it is the sale stage. The sale is divided into online and offline parts. The entire online part is based on the Internet. The ceramic substrate is directly connected to other manufacturing operations. In the process of B2B, the Internet mainly plays a promotion effect. The wine is also afraid of the deep alleys, and it is necessary to keep up with the times and keep up with the trend of the period to grasp the clues of the period.
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