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Ceramic substrate tells you where the advantages and uses are

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The ceramic substrate refers to a special processing plate in which the copper foil is directly bonded to the surface of an alumina (Al 2 O 3 ) or aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic substrate (single or double sided) at a high temperature. The prepared ultrathin composite substrate has excellent electrical insulation, high thermal conductivity, excellent solderability and high adhesive strength, and can etch various patterns such as a PCB board, and has a large current carrying current. ability. Therefore, ceramic substrates have become the basic material for high-power power electronic circuit structure technology and interconnection technology.
◆The thermal expansion coefficient of the ceramic substrate is close to the thermal expansion coefficient of the silicon wafer, which can save the transition layer Mo film, save labor, materials and reduce cost;
◆Reduce the solder layer, reduce the thermal resistance, reduce the gap, and increase the yield;
◆ Under the same current carrying capacity, the line width of 0.3mm thick copper foil is only 10% of the ordinary printed circuit board;
◆Excellent thermal conductivity makes the chip package very compact, greatly improving the power density and improving the reliability of the system and device;
◆Ultra-thin (0.25mm) ceramic substrate can replace BeO, no environmental toxicity problems;

◆The current carrying capacity is large, 100A current continuously passes through the copper body of 1mm width and 0.3mm thickness, and the temperature rise is about 17°C; the current of 100A continuously passes through the copper body of 2mm width and 0.3mm thickness, and the temperature rise is only about 5°C;

ceramic substrate

◆The thermal resistance is low, the thermal resistance of the 10×10mm ceramic substrate is 0.63mm, the thermal resistance of the ceramic substrate is 0.31K/W, the thermal resistance of the 0.38mm thick ceramic substrate is 0.19K/W, and the thickness of the 0.25mm ceramic substrate is hot. The resistance is 0.14K/W.
◆Insulation withstand high pressure to ensure personal safety and equipment protection.
◆ New packaging and assembly methods can be implemented to make the product highly integrated and compact.
◆High power semiconductor module; semiconductor cooler, electronic heater power control circuit, power mixing circuit.
◆Intelligent power supply components; high frequency switching power supply, solid state relay.
◆ Automotive electronics, aerospace and military electronic components.
◆Solar panel components; telecom dedicated switches, receiving systems; lasers and other industrial electronics.
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