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How to make automatic production line of ceramic substrate

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With the rapid development of science and technology and the pursuit of higher quality for human beings, the application of many products tends to be extremely demanding, and the use of new development materials has become a necessary wrist. Today's integrated circuit packaging technology is pursued. The transmission efficiency is better and the size is smaller (such as mobile phones, electronic components of mini-notebook computers), so the industry has invested considerable research costs in this area, and after years of research, invented a ceramic The ceramic substrate made of raw materials, and the ceramic substrate has excellent insulation, chemical stability, electromagnetic properties, high hardness, high thermal conductivity, wear resistance and high temperature resistance, so the ceramic substrate can achieve much better results than the traditional substrate. Well, therefore, the ceramic substrate is getting higher and higher at the frequency that is being used now.

However, after a metal layer or a conductive layer is attached to a ceramic substrate by a thermal compression bonding method, a dry film layer is attached to the conductive layer, and exposure development and etching operations are stopped, so that the desired metal layer and the conductive layer are left. The circuit is formed below because the metal layer generally has a more difficult etching property, which causes the etching liquid to remove more of the conductive layer during the etching process, because the pattern of the reserved line is flashed on the dry film layer during the exposure and development, in the ceramic In the processing of the substrate, the used etching liquid (mostly chemical liquid such as ferric chloride or copper chloride) not only constitutes damage to the human body, but disposal after use is likely to constitute environmental pollution. How to deal with the problems and defects of the known ceramic substrate in the process of using the etching liquid to damage the human body and pollute the environment, is the direction for the relevant manufacturers engaged in this profession to study and improve.

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