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Do you know a ceramic substrate vacuum handling device?

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With the advancement of technology, electronic products are now oriented toward miniaturization and frivolity. Taking mobile phones in the wireless communication industry as an example, in just a few years, the size of mobile phones has been reduced from the earliest black diamonds to less than one hand. At the same time, the function of the mobile phone is transmitted by the simplest voice, and can be transmitted to transmit data and graphics. It can be seen that light, thin, short and small are the main points and trends of electronic products planning now, and the low-temperature co-fired ceramic skills can complete the skills of this demand.
Low temperature co-fired ceramics have the ability to integrate active components, modules and passive components. It stacks a plurality of low temperature co-fired ceramic substrates, and embeds passive components or integrated circuits (ICs) in these low temperature co-fired ceramic substrates. In addition, the low-temperature co-fired ceramic substrate can be co-fired with a low-impedance, low dielectric loss metal, and is not limited by the number of layers, and can embed passive components such as inductors and capacitors, and is therefore suitable for use in integrating components. In addition, low-temperature co-fired ceramics skills can reduce the size and cost of electronic products, and end the intention of making electronic products light, thin, short, and small.

However, the low-temperature co-fired ceramic substrate has the characteristics of high hardness and brittleness, so that the processing, transfer, and packaging processes are easily damaged, resulting in a decrease in process yield. Therefore, how to complete the safe and efficient transfer and stacking of ceramic substrates is one of the most important issues at present.

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