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DPC ceramic substrate applications are extensive

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DPC ceramic substrate has a wide range of applications, and the market space is huge.
In LED product applications, it is often required to assemble a plurality of LEDs on a single substrate, and in addition to playing the role of carrying the LED module structure, the substrate must also function as a heat sink. Conventional LEDs do not have a large amount of heat, and the heat dissipation problem is not serious. Therefore, it is only necessary to use an ordinary copper foil printed circuit board (PCB) and a metal substrate. However, as the input power of the LED chip progresses from time to time, the large amount of heat generated by the large dissipated power also puts higher demands on the LED package data. The conventional PCB and metal substrates such as aluminum and copper have become increasingly inferior. The heat dissipation requirements of power LED products, therefore, it is necessary to find a material with excellent structural strength and better heat dissipation performance as an LED package substrate.
The presentation of the DPC ceramic substrate handles the heat dissipation problem of high power LEDs well. DPC ceramic substrate, also known as direct copper-plated ceramic substrate, has the characteristics of high line accuracy and high flatness. Its new thermal conductivity data and new internal structure compensate for the defects of aluminum metal substrate, which can help improve the substrate. The overall cooling effect. Therefore, the DPC ceramic substrate is very suitable for the LED flip chip/eutectic process, and the ceramic substrate with high thermal conductivity can significantly improve the heat dissipation efficiency, and is the most suitable ceramic heat dissipation substrate for high power and small size LED development.
Statistics show that in recent years, the global global high-power LED market has grown very fast. In 2016, the global market has reached about 85 billion yuan. With the LED lighting, outdoor lighting, mobile phone flash and other LEDs to replace the traditional lighting process acceleration, it is estimated that the high-power LED market will continue to grow at a high speed in the future.

In addition to being widely used in high-power LED lighting, automotive headlights, mobile phone flashlights, ultraviolet LEDs and other high-power LEDs, DPC ceramic substrates are also used in semiconductor lasers, power electronic power devices, microwaves, optical communications, and RF devices. Good application prospects, the market space is very ambitious.

DPC ceramic substrate

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