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Do you know how important a highly thermally conductive ceramic substrate will play?

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The whole process of the bridge uses modular ceramic heat-dissipating LED street lamps. The total number of ceramic substrates is nearly 10,000 sets. It can satisfy the demand for illumination brightness, illumination time and illumination color temperature when the bridge passes. It occupies the heat dissipation problem of street lamps and also makes the life and reliability of street lamps reliable. Sexuality has leaped. Traditional lamps use ordinary PCB boards. Nearly 70% of the electricity is converted into heat, and a lot of heat will occur. If it is a metal substrate, it does not conduct good heat. If it is an epoxy resin, it will cause damage due to high temperature. This has greatly affected the safety and use of the lights. Then the ceramic circuit board can solve this problem.

Due to the good insulation performance of the ceramic substrate, the high thermal conductivity can be very good. On the one hand, the heat dissipation is fundamentally treated, and the service life is greatly improved. On the other hand, the ceramic self-insulating root leakage risk and non-ferrous metal pollution. However, the ceramic substrate is also imperfectly local. First, the ceramic substrate needs high-temperature sintering. In this process, many factors cannot be completely controlled, which leads to a low yield of the ceramic substrate, and it is difficult for the general manufacturer to bear the research and development cost for improving the yield. Secondly, the chip is soldered on the ceramic substrate to ensure the reliability, the appearance of the beautiful, and the scientific arrangement of the structure of the zero-equipment. It is the most important place for the ceramic heat dissipation technology. These problems can only be solved by skilled ceramic plate manufacturers.

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