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How to choose ceramic substrates for manufacturers

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Ceramic substrates are popular for their outstanding thermal conductivity, pressure resistance, insulation, and corrosion resistance. Many fields of use replace ceramic boards with other boards. With the improvement of consumer skills and equipment, the price of products has been accelerated and rationalized, thus expanding the use of LED industry, such as indicator lights for home appliances, car lights, street lights and outdoor large billboards. Nowadays, China's ceramic substrates have begun to take shape. They have rarely relied on imports. With the increasing participation of ceramic circuit boards, many customers in the field of use do not know how to choose ceramic substrate manufacturers. Today, Xiaobian shares several key points. :
First, can you have a professional technical skills team?
Ceramic circuit boards are more difficult than conventional circuit boards, and require more sophisticated ceramic processing skills and senior team production. For example, the dam technology, 3D ceramic technology, DPC, BDC process, etc., the demand for the entire production process is severely controlled.
Second, can there be matching ceramic circuit board making equipment?
Ceramic circuit board difficulty in drilling and plating, laser drilling machine, electroplating line equipment, etc., advanced equipment can effectively increase the consumption rate of ceramic circuit board, yield rate
Third, the quality management team - effectively control the quality of the product

The ceramic substrate has a professional quality inspection team to effectively control the quality and delivery of each link.

Ceramic substrates

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