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Do you know the process of ceramic substrate?

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In the process of making ceramic substrates, DPC and DBC ceramics are the most used. Shenzhen Jinruixin uses a variety of ceramic substrate manufacturing processes to process ceramic circuit boards. Today, the key point is the DBC ceramic process of aluminum nitride substrates.
First, what is the DBC ceramic process
(DBC) is a composite material that is directly bonded (sintered/welded) with pure copper (99.99%) and alumina or aluminum nitride (Al2O3 or AlN) ceramic substrates. The thickness of the copper foil can be controlled between 10-400μm, and can be directly bonded according to the circuit pattern requested by the customer. The material meets the requirements of ROHS.
Second, the functional advantages of DBC ceramic substrate technology for aluminum nitride substrate
It has excellent electrical insulation and thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, stable scale and dielectric function, and good heat dissipation. There is no deformation and tensile force difference to prevent pull-off after welding; the double-sided copper coating process conforms to various welding methods and strengthens the welding reliability.
Good mechanical stress, high strength separation force, ceramic linear shrinkage coefficient and solar panel substrate (7.3ppm/k and 7.0ppm/k);
The number of cycles of hot and cold cycles can reach 50,000 times, and the reliability is high;
Wide operating temperature range (-55 ° C ~ 850 ° C);
Good heat dissipation, thermal conductivity of 26 ~ 180w / m.K;
Good electrical insulation, anti-voltage 3kv ~ 14kv;
Circuit graphics are directly bonded

The ceramic substrate made of the same DBC ceramic process has a thermal function better than that of the aluminum nitride substrate, the thermal conductivity is more than three times that of the aluminum oxide, and the hardness of the aluminum nitride substrate is stronger, so that the ceramic substrate produced is more resistant to pressure.

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