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Development prospects and applications of ceramic substrates

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With the development of society, the advancement of industry, the advancement of technology, the development of PCB industry is getting better and better, and the process function is more and more sophisticated. Whether it is a hard board or a soft board, it is still a combination of soft and hard, or a ceramic substrate with the best heat dissipation function. We are telling us that innovation is limitless!
At present, the ceramic substrate is more sophisticated with alumina ceramic circuit board, aluminum nitride ceramic circuit board, many companies can do 3535, 5050, 7070, etc., R&F Tianyi Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. can accept customer customization, regardless of What specifications can be manufactured, but must be satisfied that the line spacing is greater than 20 microns, but the use of fully automated production, without excessive manpower, and avoid many process errors.
Such a sunny enterprise that pays attention to scientific research technology and user experience not only provides corresponding protection for employees, but also brings a more comprehensive and sophisticated user experience to customers. For possible problems such as splashing copper and bubbles, Litong's process is also quite sophisticated. The general circuit board professional requirement is that the bonding force can reach 18-30 MPa, and the drop is because the bonding strength is not enough. The combined strength of our products is 45 MPa, that is, the thrust value and the tensile value are both It is 45 MPa and will not fall after welding. The LAM laser activation technology is used. The thickness of the copper coating can be made 0.001-1mm according to the customer's needs. The general copper is 0.03mm, the error is +/-0.005mm, and the copper conduction will not burn out later. This kind of product mainly exists in products that require high heat dissipation, and generally aerospace, car electronics, lighting, high-power electronic components, to maximize product functions.
Our laser rapid activation metallization technology (LAM) is at the leading level in the global ceramic PCB industry, and can be quickly customized to meet customer needs. The ceramic-based metallized substrate has good thermal and electrical functions, and is an excellent material for power LED packaging, violet light, and ultraviolet light. It is especially suitable for package structures such as multi-chip package (MCM) and substrate direct bond chip (COB). At the same time, it can also be used as a heat-dissipating circuit board for other high-power power semiconductor modules, high-current switches, relays, communication antennas, filters, solar inverters, etc.

Ceramic PCB professional forecast has a market value of 6 billion US dollars in the smart lighting mall, and beat most of the "sunrise industry" with an annual increase of 7%, becoming a new high-tech enterprise in the industry, and in the subway, rail transit, IGBT, new Energy cars and other aspects have a wide range of applications.

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