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Ceramic substrates are featured in the industry and are worth having

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Recently, combined with the microelectronics center and more than 50 industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises, research institutes, etc., combined with the proposal to establish China's integrated circuit feature process and packaging test alliance. The alliance will integrate resources from domestic fabs, packaging and testing plants, pilot lines, etc., cover up the entire spectrum of materials, equipment, processes, and the entire industry chain, and promote the common skills of professional characteristics and craftsmanship to a new level.
It is understood that the integrated circuit feature process is an important part of integrated circuit fabrication, including BCD, power equipment, RF equipment, sensors, embedded storage and other processes. In particular, with the rapid rise of emerging markets such as 5G, Internet of Things, and ultra-high-definition video, the skill requests and capacity requirements for feature processes will expand rapidly in the future.
China's integrated circuit feature process and packaging test alliance is China's first professional alliance in the field of integrated circuit industry with feature technology and packaging test as the center to cover up the entire industry chain. The establishment of the alliance is an important support for Chongqing Municipality to implement a strategic action plan based on the innovation of big data intelligence, aiming at the integrated circuit feature process and packaging test national system.

The chairman of the alliance is a microelectronics center. The first members include China Resources Microelectronics, Changan Automobile, Zhongkexin, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Beijing Institute of Technology and other influential enterprises, universities and research institutes. And funding organizations.

Ceramic substrate

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