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Copper-clad technology and application of DBC ceramic substrate

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  DBC ceramic substrate is a ceramic circuit board which is divided according to the process characteristics in the ceramic board manufacturing process. DBC directly coats copper. It is a kind of ceramic surface metallization skill. It directly uses ceramics (aluminum oxide, yttrium oxide, AIN, etc.). Connected to the substrate copper. This skill is primarily used for a wide range of power electronics modules, semiconductor refrigeration and LED equipment.

Ceramic substrate

  Preferred information for DBC ceramic substrates

  Al2O3 has good insulation, good chemical stability, high strength and low price. It is the preferred material for DBC skills, but the thermal conductivity of Al2O3 is low, and there is a certain heat loss with the thermal expansion coefficient of SI. Oxide, a common DBC skill ceramic material, high temperature and low thermal conductivity, perfect manufacturing process, can be used in medium and high power equipment, killing you in the field of use and process, the toxicity should be properly protected; The AIN data is non-toxic, the dielectric constant is moderate, the thermal conductivity is much higher than that of aluminum oxide, and the yttrium oxide is close. The thermal expansion coefficient is close to that of SI. All kinds of SI chips and high-power equipment can be directly attached to the AIN substrate without other The transition layer of the data. The prospects for DBC skills are very promising now.

  DBC ceramic substrate skills

  1 There is no obvious intermediate layer between the metal and ceramic interface. There is no bottom thermal conductive solder. Because it is small, the thermal diffusion can be strong; the contact resistance is also low, which is beneficial to the link of high-power high-frequency equipment.

  2, the link temperature is lower than the melting point of copper, the DBC substrate maintains a stable shape during the joining process, and in some cases, it can be said that the copper foil is formed into a desired shape before the link, and then the DBC preparation process is performed. The etching process after the connection is eliminated.

  3, AIN substrate thermal expansion coefficient and SI is relatively close, all kinds of chips can be directly soldered on the DBC substrate, so that the number of connection layers is reduced, reducing the thermal resistance value. Simplify all types of semiconductor structures. Since the coefficient of thermal expansion and the SI in the DBC substrate are relatively matched,

  4, the process is simple, no need for MO-MN method messy ceramic metallization process, no need to add solder, titanium powder and so on.

  5, the metal and ceramic have sufficient adhesion strength, the adhesion strength of ceramic and metal in the well-bonded DBC substrate is close to the strength of thick film metallization.

  6, the copper conductor part has a very high current carrying capacity, so it is possible to reduce the size of the intercepting medium and increase the power capacity.

  DBC ceramic substrates are widely used in high-power equipment. Of course, the use of DBC skills is constantly expanding.
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