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How does Pcb cover copper? What is the processing experience?

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  DPC ceramics Xiaobian introduced, Pcb copper is to reduce the line impedance, improve the anti-interference ability; reduce the power efficiency, connect with the ground wire, reduce the loop area. Why is the pcb covered with copper? How to cover copper? What are the processing experiences?

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  What is pcb copper?

  The so-called copper coating is to use the unused space on the PCB as the reference surface, and then fill it with solid copper, which is also called copper filling. If the PCB has more ground, there are SGND, AGND, GND, etc., according to the position of the PCB board, the main "ground" as the reference reference to separate copper, digital and analog ground separately There is not much to say about copper. Before the copper is covered, first increase the corresponding power connection: 5.0V, 3.3V, and so on. In this way, a plurality of multi-deformed structures of different shapes are formed.

  Pcb copper needs to deal with three aspects:

  One is the single point connection in different places. The method is to connect the magnetic beads or the inductor through the 0 ohm resistor. The second is the copper coating near the crystal. The crystal oscillator in the circuit is a high frequency emission source. The method is to apply copper to the coiled crystal, and then Ground the crystal case separately. The third is the problem of an isolated island (dead zone). If it feels great, it will not cost much to add to the hole.

  Large area copper is good or grid copper is good

  Large area of ??copper, if the wave soldering, the board may be upturned, and even foaming. From this point of view, the heat dissipation of the grid is better. Usually, the high-frequency circuit is used to resist the interference of the multi-purpose grid, and the low-frequency circuit has a large current circuit and the like.

  When starting the wiring, the ground line should be treated equally. When the line is taken, the ground line should be taken well. It cannot be relied on the copper to increase the via hole to eliminate the ground pin. This effect is very bad. Of course, if you choose the grid copper, these ground connections will have some impact on the beautiful, if you are careful, just delete it.

  The copper is intelligent. This operation will actively determine the network properties of the vias and pads in the copper-filled area, which will definitely match the safety distance you set. This is different from making copper. This feature.

  DPC ceramics Xiaobian introduction, Pcb copper content will share these, more pcb production content can consult us.
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