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The core advantages of DBC ceramic substrates in high power applications

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  High-power applications (high current/high voltage) often require excellent heat dissipation, and DBC ceramic substrates are required. DBC ceramic substrates are mainly the problem of coordinating chip miniaturization and power improvement.

Ceramic substrate

  The high heat dissipation coefficient thin film ceramic heat dissipation substrate is made of sputtering, electric/chemical deposition, and yellow light lithography. It has the characteristics of accurate metal lines and stable data system. It is suitable for the development trend of high power, small size and high brightness LED. Moreover, it solves the stringent requirements for the resolution and accuracy of the metal substrate of the ceramic substrate in the eutectic/clad crystal packaging process. When the LED chip is made of aluminum nitride ceramic as the carrier board, the heat dissipation bottleneck of the LED module is transferred to the system circuit board, and the heat energy is transmitted from the LED chip to the heat dissipation fin and the atmosphere, and the function of the LED chip is gradually improved. The data is gradually changed from FR-4 to metal core printed circuit board, but with the development of high-power LEDs, the thermal coefficient of MCPCB material (2~4W/mk) cannot be used for higher power products.

  Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate

  The DCB uses a ceramic substrate (such as Al2O3 or AIN) as an insulating layer, and the copper connecting wire can ensure excellent electrical conductivity in a high temperature environment. In order to ensure the best function and the highest reliability, it is necessary for the module to have excellent heat dissipation components and excellent endurance to cope with thermal cycling and power cycling. So what are the core advantages of DBC ceramic substrates?

  1. Decrease the ink jet speed to ensure a more stable and higher quality product quality.

  2. Metal or ceramic particles can reduce pollution

  3. Guaranteed fast delivery of DCB substrate with new layout and standard data combination

  4. Tailor-made solutions can be tailored to specific needs
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