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Application mode of zirconia ceramic substrate

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  With the rapid development of electronic power technology, ceramic substrates have been widely used in car sensors, high-end lighting, electronic communications and intelligent automation. The most widely used aluminum oxide ceramic substrates and aluminum nitride ceramic substrates are widely used in shopping malls because of their excellent thermal conductivity and better matching thermal expansion coefficient. So where is the application of the zirconia ceramic substrate with poor thermal conductivity? Is it completely out of the mall? Not necessarily, this is about to start from its characteristics.

Ceramic substrate

  What is the application form of zirconia ceramic substrate?

  1. The influence of the melting point of zirconia ceramic substrate on life

  Although zirconia ceramics have low thermal conductivity, they have high hardness, good wear and corrosion resistance, high resistance and high temperature resistance. Their melting point is as high as 2700 degrees Celsius, which is one of the best materials for fire resistance in nature. Therefore, it can be perfectly served in some mobile devices with high frequency and ultra-high temperature working environment. For example, rail transit semiconductor low power modules and aerospace generator modules.

  2. Application of zirconia ceramic substrate semiconductor

  Since the semiconductor power module is used in a mobile device such as a vehicle that has frequent chattering, the ceramic substrate lacking in mechanical function is simply broken, which reduces the reliability of the semiconductor power module during operation. In the practice production process, the thermal cycle test of 240K-500K is generally used to test the thermal shock resistance of the sample. Generally, Al2O3 and AlN generally crack after 50 cycles of thermal cycling, and experienced 500 times. After the thermal cycle, the copper circuit will fall off, and it can't meet the requirements of the function after the 3000 cycles of thermal cycling required by the electric car. The zirconia ceramic substrate can satisfy these functions mechanically, but it can only be applied to low-power modules due to its thermal conductivity constraint.

  3. What are the requirements for ceramic plates in the aerospace industry?

  It is none of the aerospace generator applications. Since the pre-turbine temperature of the engine is critical, for example, when the thrust-to-weight ratio is 10, the temperature of the first-stage engine is 1500 °C or higher, and now the maximum operating temperature of the superalloy and metallization is less than 1200 °C, so the zirconia ceramic can satisfy The circuit board that is required, and made with it, also has its place.

  Naturally, our materials must be useful. Each kind of ceramic substrate has its value and characteristics, and it shines and heats in its proper orientation to serve our customers.
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