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How to evaluate high performance alumina ceramic substrate

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  Alumina ceramic substrates are currently the center of ceramic circuit boards. There are also many companies that make alumina ceramic substrates on the market. How do you evaluate high-performance alumina ceramic substrates? The following DPC ceramics Xiaobian to introduce to you.

DPC ceramic

  First of all: look at work

  Look at the ceramic circuit board work fine. Because ceramic circuit boards are precision circuit board components, there are many resistors and capacitors on small-area ceramic boards. High-quality ceramic circuit boards require strict distances between the electronic components and adhesion tightness. Of course, ceramics The flatness of the circuit board is high, and the edge is flat, which can also reflect the processing quality.

  Second, look at the raw materials

  Look at the raw material parameters of the ceramic plate. Ceramic substrates are often tested with alumina as a ceramic substrate. Because ceramic circuit boards use ceramic substrates as the support plates for this circuit, the quality of the raw materials is very important to the function and service life of ceramic circuit boards. influences. Ceramic circuit boards with guaranteed quality should be made of ceramic substrate materials with good chemical properties (high temperature resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance) and high thermal conductivity. The parameter information of this aspect can be consulted or viewed in detail. Product manufacturing instructions are understood.

  The third is the trial test

  After trial. One of the great advantages of ceramic circuit boards is their good thermal conductivity, which ensures their high voltage resistance and durability. The customer let the circuit board work for a period of time, then cut off the power supply to stop its work, test its temperature and the current flow rate of the whole circuit. If the temperature is too high, the thermal conductivity is not good, and it is not a good quality ceramic circuit board.

  The fourth is to understand all aspects of alumina ceramic substrate manufacturers

  After understanding the alumina ceramic circuit board manufacturers information. The manufacture of ceramic circuit boards is formal, has a large planning, and has many qualifications. It often means that its production and manufacturing are processed and required through regular and strict production. The selection of raw materials will also be ensured. It shows that it is a quality certified ceramic circuit board; of course, at the same time, it is necessary to understand the corresponding brand reputation of ceramic circuit boards and user evaluation. The information of these two aspects can also directly show the ceramic circuit board to a certain extent. Quality status.

  DPC ceramics is introduced in small series. Alumina ceramic substrates are widely used in many industries such as sensors and automotive electronics. High-performance alumina ceramic substrates are not only evaluated in this respect.
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