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Which aluminum nitride ceramic substrate supplier is good?

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  The ceramic substrate is light, has good heat dissipation and is particularly good in insulation, and is very popular in the market. However, the market for ceramic substrates is not as sophisticated as the FR4 board, and many factories can do it. However, the ceramic substrate is a relatively new and technically difficult circuit board. The ceramic substrate is mainly divided into an alumina ceramic substrate and an aluminum nitride ceramic substrate. Basically, both the alumina substrate and the aluminum nitride ceramic substrate are used. The aluminum nitride ceramic substrate has three times the heat conductivity of alumina and is more resistant to pressure. Today, DPC Ceramics Editors first share some of the good questions about suppliers of aluminum nitride ceramic substrates.

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  First, is there a corresponding substrate of aluminum nitride ceramic substrate?

  The substrate of aluminum nitride ceramic substrate is divided into domestic and imported. Many plates are not always available and need to be ordered. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize whether there is a suitable plate before selecting the manufacturer.

  Second, understand the process of the company's ceramic substrate

  After a collaborative case, analyze whether the manufacturer has the ceramic plate that can do this process, such as thick plate and thick copper.

  Line width and line spacing, whether drilling is required or not.

  Third, according to their own needs, choose the appropriate delivery period.

  Generally, the more tight the delivery period, the more expensive the cost will be. The more complex the process, the longer the delivery time will be. Learn more about a few comparisons, delivery,

  Fourth, understand the quality management system of the manufacturer to ensure the performance of the ceramic plate is up to standard.

  Which supplier of aluminum nitride ceramic substrate is good, as long as all aspects of the factory meet the requirements, you can try a model first, and acknowledge that there is no problem in the quality and performance of the ceramic circuit board.

  The above is a good introduction to the supplier of aluminum nitride ceramic substrate introduced by DPC ceramics. I hope to help you. If you have any unclear questions, you can contact us directly.
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