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What are the factors affecting the price of multi-layer pcb board?

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  Multi-layer Pcb is widely used in the field of communication and computer, and has 4 layers, 6 layers, 8 layers, and dozens of circuit boards and even 20 layers. So what are the factors affecting the price of multi-layer pcb boards? The following ceramic substrate is a small series to introduce to you.

Ceramic substrate

  Factors that determine the price of a multi-layer pcb board:

  1 , Pcb uses different materials and thus price diversity

  Taking the double panel as an example, the sheet material used is FR4, and the sheet material has different prices, and the profit is more expensive than Jiantao and Guoji. The plate thickness ranges from 0.2mm to 0.3mm, and the copper thickness ranges from 0.5mm to 3.0mm. The price of solder mask inks is also different.

  10-layer pcb

  2, the difficulty of multi-layer pcb will also affect the diversity of prices

  Drilling costs with apertures greater than 0.2 mm and less than 0.2 mm will vary, and the number of holes is also an aspect; the same board, if the line width is greater than 4 mils and less than 4 mils, results in different costs. For example, there are some that need to be blind holes, buried holes, or shaped plates are more difficult, usually charge a fee.

  3, the difference in surface treatment process will also affect the price of multi-layer pcb board

  Antioxidant, lead-sprayed tin, lead-free tin-plated, gold-plated, immersion gold, or a combination process, the price is different.

  4 The thickness of copper foil is also a factor affecting the price of multi-layer pcb board

  The thickness of copper foil is from 1oz~14oz, the more expensive the price is, the more expensive it is.

  Fifth, the quality acceptance criteria are also factors affecting the price of multi-layer pcb board. Common corporate standards, military standards and other standards

  Six, mold cost and test stand

  For samples and small batches, it is generally used to drill the constitution, and generally there is no charge. However, if it is a large batch, it is necessary to open the mold punching plate, and the cost of collecting a set of molds is generally 1,000 yuan.

  Test racks The general samples are all tested by flying probes. The board factory generally needs to receive 100~400. The batch needs to open the test rack for testing. It needs to add 1000-1500 test rack costs.

  Seven, the higher the number of layers, the higher the price will be more expensive, the higher the number of layers, the more plates need to be, and the pressure will also cost.

  The ceramic substrate is introduced in small series. In addition, sometimes the engineering fee is charged, and the price will be different depending on the delivery method.
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