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Where is the ceramic PCB board?

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  PCB (PrintedCircuitBoard), the Chinese name for printed circuit boards, also known as printed circuit boards, printed circuit boards, is an important electronic component, is the support of electronic components, is the provider of electrical connections of electronic components. DPC ceramics is introduced as a "printing" circuit board because it is made by electronic printing. In the PCB industry, resin PCB, metal PCB, ceramic PCB, among which the resin is the cheapest, the price of ceramic is the highest.

DPC ceramic

  Where is the ceramic PCB board?

  1. Substrate materials: Ceramic PCBs are now mainly made of aluminum oxide and aluminum nitride. The cost of these two materials is much more expensive than resin substrates or aluminum substrates and copper substrates. From the beginning of the substrate, the price has now been opened.

  2. Process technology: From the aspect of production process, whether it is LTCC, HTCC, DPC, DBC or LAM, its production process will be relatively high, and the co-firing temperature of LTCC and HTCC requirements is difficult to control.

  3. Product performance: PCB has many important requirements, such as thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient, dielectric constant, stability, high frequency loss and so on. In these respects, ceramic PCBs can be at the top of the game. Its thermal conductivity is the best of the current PCB edge, the thermal expansion coefficient is also more compatible with the silicon chip, the dielectric constant is very low, the electrical conductivity is outstanding, the corrosion resistance, the high temperature resistance, and the high frequency loss are small.

  Looking at the world, ceramic PCB has been applied for nearly half a century, but the domestic ceramic PCB has just emerged. Due to technical reasons, it is still relying on imports to maintain domestic production. DPC ceramics Xiaobian introduced, the domestic new technology companies have never stopped the development of ceramic PCB, has been chasing the international advanced technology level.
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