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What does the pcb board need to provide for rapid proofing?

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  After many R&D organizations and universities have developed PCB drawings, they need to quickly proof and test. DPC ceramics is introduced, so do you need to do a quick proofing of pcb board in addition to what you need to find the PCB proofing fast-changing factory?

DPC ceramic

  Pcb board rapid proofing needs to provide the following content:

  One, the plate clarifies

  General processing manufacturers require customers to develop their own plates and types, or provide their own plates, follow-up requirements for production. For example, FR4 sheet is still ceramic sheet or other high frequency sheet, etc.

  Second, the number of layers is single-sided or double-sided, but also multi-layer board, soldering resistance requirements. The number of layers of the pcb board is different, the price will be different, and the board proofing process is much the same. Solder mask color: There are many colors, and can also be selected according to company requirements, generally green. Silkscreen color: The font of the silkscreen on the PCB and the color of the border are generally chosen to be white.

  Third, copper thickness requirements. The Pcb board is divided into an outer copper thickness and an inner copper thickness, and a conventional default is one ounce. Generally, the thickness of copper is scientifically calculated according to the current of the PCB circuit. Generally, the thicker the better, but the cost will be higher, so the demand is reasonably balanced. Whether the vias cover the solder mask: over-resistance soldering is to insulate the vias, otherwise the vias are not insulated.

  Fourth, the external processing requirements. The surface treatment has the requirements of anti-oxidation, immersion gold, gold plating, tin plating, nickel palladium gold and the like.

  Fifth, clarify the number of rapid proofing of PCB. If it is an expedited situation, it needs to clarify the expedited requirements. If an expedited board is charged, it will charge an expedited fee.

  Sixth, it is best to provide documents for the manufacture of pcb boards, including materials, slabs, solder mask colors, silk screen colors, copper thickness, etc., in the form of word documents or tables to write proof of the proof parameters, provided to the manufacturer.

  The above DPC ceramics Xiaobian shared the content and requirements for the rapid proofing of the pcb board. This acknowledges that OK, the manufacturer can follow up to request the pcb proofing cycle and cost, and promote the rapid cooperation between the two sides.
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