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Where is the way out for the alumina ceramic substrate?

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  Nowadays, more and more high-power equipment is widely used in daily necessities and industrial production. With the acceleration of the current intelligent and miniaturization trend, the requirements for high-power heat dissipation are getting higher and higher, and the defects of small heat dissipation of alumina ceramics are not satisfactory. . Moreover, in the low-power field, the heat dissipation requirements are not high, and most of the conventional substrates are selected at a lower price. So where is the alumina ceramic substrate? The medium power shopping mall is the destination he always has. For example, in the field of car applications, it has always been.

Ceramic substrate

  Regarding the function of progressive cars, reducing fuel consumption and reducing exhaust pollution, alumina ceramic materials have extremely important value. Especially after being applied to car engines, sensors and shock absorbers, the functions have been improved. In a car engine, the operating temperature is very high and can reach 350 degrees Celsius. And heat will be lost in the process of transmission. The alumina ceramic substrate can withstand a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius, and it is just a good heat dissipation. It can stabilize the substrate without being damaged by high temperature, and the heat energy that is not dissipated can be recovered by the turbocharger and the power turbine to recover the heat energy, and then the thermal efficiency is improved, and the engine is started faster.

  As for the car sensor, the demand is durable and suitable for the harsh environment (high temperature, low temperature, oscillation, acceleration, humidity, noise, exhaust gas) unique to the car, and should be small and light, with good reusability and wide output range. These alumina ceramics can be satisfied. With the advantages of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and potential high frequency and low energy consumption, the substrate made of the substrate can make the sensor durable and stable.

  The final shock absorber recognizes the road surface and needs to be self-adjusting due to the demand for the damping device of the premium sedan, so that the oscillation caused by the rough road is minimized. Therefore, it is required to develop a smart shock absorber using the positive piezoelectric effect, the inverse piezoelectric effect and the electroelastic effect of alumina ceramics, which requires the use of a highly sensitive alumina ceramic substrate.

  Because of this, in the future of the huge power shopping mall, alumina ceramic circuit board will be able to serve more users!
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