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Why MEMS sensors use ceramic circuit boards

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  The rapid development of the Internet of Things in recent years will effectively promote the transformation of traditional industries. Leading the rapid development of emerging industries, and then causing profound changes in social production and economic development. In the entire IoT industry chain, MEMS sensors play an increasingly important role. DPC Ceramics Xiaobian introduces its core role in the upcoming intelligent Internet of Things era, bringing new technology products to be smarter and more Sensitive perception. But it will also have some difficulties, so the ceramic circuit board compensates for it.

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  We know that MEMS sensors are miniature sensors made with microelectronics and micromachining skills. Therefore, it has the characteristics of miniaturization, integration, intelligence, low cost and high performance. But because it manufactures components such as microstructures, microsensors, and microcontrollers in a single chip or tiny limited space, heat dissipation during operation is a big problem. Therefore, ceramic circuit boards with higher thermal conductivity than conventional PCBs are the best complement.

  In micro- or micro-nano-scale components of MEMS devices, the precision is high but very fragile, so the stress can not be too large. In the ceramic circuit board, the expansion coefficient of Si in the ceramic and chip data is close, and no large stress occurs when the package or temperature changes. Moreover, MEMS equipment generally operates in various environments such as strong oscillations, acids and alkalis, and other chemical substances or organic solvents. Therefore, the package structure and package materials are required to adapt to various messy working environments. The copper layer of the ceramic circuit board does not contain an oxide layer, and has corrosion resistance and the like in various messy environments, thereby improving stability and reliability.

  With the current use of fine-grained planning for the miniaturization and fine planning of emerging technologies, the requirements for the three-dimensional graphics production of their package substrates have increased. Moreover, unlike traditional integrated circuit (IC) packages, the purpose of conventional IC packaging is to provide physical support for the IC chip, to maintain it from environmental disturbances and damage, and to complete electrical interconnection with external signals, power and ground. However, MEMS equipment needs to face the harsh and chaotic environment of the outside world. Therefore, its interaction with the external environment and the disorder of its structure increase the difficulty of packaging. Therefore, the traditional package substrate data is difficult to satisfy it, so the ceramic circuit board can reduce the packaging difficulty as package information.

  In the ceramic substrate manufacturing skill, the ceramic substrate manufactured by DPC skill can be planned into a three-dimensional chamber structure, which can satisfy the influence of MEMS equipment to isolate some environment, and the three-dimensional circuit drawing plan is also flexible. DPC ceramics Xiaobian introduced, I believe that in the near future, such ceramic circuit boards that fit MEMS sensors will be able to open up to their glory in the new era!
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