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Dashen takes you to interpret ceramic substrates Processing Technology

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   With the development of material technology,Ceramic Substrates have been used more and more in the fields of scientific research and industrial application because of their good physical and chemical functions.Whether it is precise micro-electronics,heavy industry such as aviation and shipping,or daily necessities of the people,almost all areas have ceramic substrates.

  However,ceramic substrates are compact in structure and brittle to some extent.Although they can be machined by general mechanical methods,there are stresses in the process of processing,especially for some thin ceramic chips,which are easy to crack.This makes the processing of ceramic substrates difficult to use everywhere.

  Laser,as a flexible processing method,has demonstrated a special technology in the processing technology of ceramic substrates.Following,the cutting and drilling of ceramic circuit substrates for microelectronics are illustrated in detail.

  In microelectronics profession,PCB is used as circuit base in traditional technology.However,with the development of the profession,more and more customers require their microelectronics products to have more stable functions,including the stability of mechanical structure,circuit insulation function and so on.Therefore,ceramic materials have been used more and more.At present,alumina and aluminium nitride are the main ceramic materials,and the thickness of the main stream is less than 2 mm.

  In order to complete more and more complicated circuit planning,customers all over the request double-sided planning circuit,and through the through hole filling silver slurry or sputtering metal to form the upper and lower conduction.Together,in order to satisfy the requirements of external packaging,the shape of circuit components also varies,including some rounded corners or other heterosexuals.For such product planning,the method of mechanical processing is very difficult.Even if it can be processed,the rate of good products is very low.The chemical etching method,which is widely used in metal processing,or EDM method,can not be used because of the excellent physical and chemical functions of ceramics.In this regard,laser non-touch processing can greatly improve the feasibility of laser processing of ceramics and the processing yield.

  Samples of 0.635mm thick alumina and 0.8mm thick aluminium nitride profile cutting were used.It can be seen that not only the cutting edge is smooth without collapse,but also the thermal effect of the cutting edge can be effectively controlled.Even if the ceramics were metallized before,they can still be precisely cut without harming the metallized part.

  Certainly,in the 1970s,laser straight-line slicing of ceramics appeared in the United States.However,it can be seen that today's ceramic substrate cutting technology has been far-reaching development.

  The traditional CO2 high power laser is the traditional technology in the use of ceramic linear cutting.Because of its efficient cutting and flat cutting section of the base,it is also the main process of ceramic parting processing at present.However,for some higher requirements of ceramic cutting processing,such as linear cutting of circuit unit shape,it can not be applied.Under 80-fold microscope,we can see that the Ceramic Substrates cut by high power CO2 laser have concave and convex edges,such as stamp margin.The fluctuation range is about 50-90 um.How to ensure the high efficiency of laser cutting ceramic substrate,and reduce the stamp margin,improve the processing effect.The company has developed a new processing scheme.As far as the company's current processing technology is concerned,it can combine the semi-cutting or full-cutting process of ceramics with the needs of customers,and it can meet the requirements of customers in terms of accuracy,effect and processing efficiency.

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