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DPC Ceramics Process "Transparent"

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DPC ceramics are also called direct copper plating ceramic substrates.First,the ceramic substrates are cleaned before being processed.Then,the ceramic substrates and copper-metal composite coatings are sputtered by vacuum plating method with thin film professional manufacturing skills.Then,the circuit is fabricated by the technology of exposure,development,etching and film removal with yellow light shadow light resistance.Finally,the circuit is fabricated by the process of coating,developing,etching and film removal.In the electroplating/electroless plating stacking method,the thickness of the circuit is added,and the metallized circuit is made after the photoresistance is removed.

DPC Ceramics

  Direct plating copper technology is a ceramic circuit processing technology based on the processing of ceramic film technology.Different from the traditional thick film and thin film processing technology,its processing has increasingly strengthened the requirements of electrochemical processing.After metallization of ceramic surface by physical method,conductive copper and functional film are machined by electrochemical method.

  Its advantages lie in the following five aspects:

DPC Ceramics

  As with any process,DPC ceramics have its own shortcomings compared with the existing thick film and thin film processes.

DPC Ceramics

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