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Ceramic Substrate Enhances Environmental Protection and Safety of Rail Transit

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 Ceramic Substrate,in recent years,the whole of China has been trapped in"traffic jam".Due to the continuous development and construction of rail transit,we may complain that there is no time for construction when a road is blocked from the beginning of the year to the end of the year,but the successful operation of several"trunk lines"subway in recent years has given us a real four-way experience.Bada's pleasure.

  Rail transit refers to the mode of transportation with the characteristics of large volume,high speed,safety,punctuality,environmental protection,energy saving and land use.It is referred to as"rail transit"for short.It includes metro,light rail,magnetic levitation,municipal railway,tram,new transportation system,etc.Under the circumstances of small cars being plugged in at the seam and common bus congestion,countries all over the world have come to realize that the fundamental way to deal with urban traffic problems lies in giving priority to the development of urban public transport system with rail transit as its backbone.

  Rail transit is an energy-saving,environment-friendly,efficient and convenient means of transportation.According to the current development trend,rail transit will cover the entire transportation hub in China in 10 years.From airport to urban area,from suburbs to urban areas,the comfortable and convenient travel experience will make our satisfaction constantly improve.

  Rail transit is a project vigorously supported by the state.Whether it is safety,practicability or experience,we strive to achieve the best.Because of the light rail,the metro is moving in a straight line on a fixed rail.The train will be heated and warmed by high-speed running and friction.There are strict requirements for the appearance data of the train and the internal electronic original parts.

  PCB data used in rail transit is more heat-resistant,voltage-resistant,friction-resistant than ordinary PCB sheets.Ceramic PCB has better experience in insulation,bonding and high frequency energy saving.This kind of PCB board plays a more efficient,safer,more durable role in maintaining machine operation and high-load work in integrated circuit board.It is widely used in aerospace,automotive electronics,LED and other fields.

  At present,ceramic circuit boards made of PCB ceramic substrates have gained considerable popularity in the industry.They are excellent both for military and civilian use.Another difference from other products is that they can customize standards according to the needs of customers and make some scale products that satisfy the special needs of users.

  Ceramic substrates,in the era of broad prospects and strong demand in the new energy market,energy-saving,environmental protection,high-efficiency products are the magic weapon to seize market resources.

 Ceramic Substrate

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