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Leaders of LED Industry-Ceramic Circuit Board

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DPC ceramics,with the rising awareness of global environmental protection,energy saving and power saving has become an inevitable trend of development.LED industry is one of the most promising professions in this year.LED products have the advantages of energy saving,power saving,high power,fast reaction time,long service cycle,environmental protection and mercury free.

  However,due to the problem of heat dissipation of LED,a potential technical problem,"severe light decay of LED street lamp"severely restricts the development of the LED profession.If the heat energy generated during LED luminescence can not be exported in time,the temperature of LED junction will be too high,which will affect the production cycle,luminous power and stability of the product.The problem of LED street lamp decay is affected by temperature.For the planning of fins and modules of heat dissipation substrates,great efforts have been made to achieve outstanding heat dissipation.However,because of the common expressions of LED street lamp in outdoor occasions,in order to prevent climate corrosion,the need for paint protection has become a deterrent to heat dissipation,or caused temperature.Poor heat dissipation leads to light decay.The problem of LED street lamp light decay causes many LED street lamp installed less than a year can not pass the certification inspection of the use unit.

  It is found that in general,about 20%of the input power of high-power LED products can be converted to light,and the remaining 80%of the energy can be converted to heat.Therefore,in order to improve the luminous power of the LED,the thermal dispersion management and planning of the LED system has become an important issue.After discussing the heat dissipation problem of LED,it is found that in order to deal with the heat dissipation problem,we must start with the most basic information and deal with the heat source problem of high power LED fundamentally from inside to outside.

  In order to deal with the above problems,a kind of ceramic LED circuit board with alumina as the main material and graphite powder and feldspar powder with excellent thermal conductivity was developed,which has good heat dissipation,high thermal conductivity,strong oxidation resistance,relatively low operating environment temperature and simple process.Skills planning is a method of making ceramic circuit boards,which includes material manufacturing,grinding,mixing,forming and baking.Then,circuit planning is carried out on the ceramic board,and circuit-bound ceramic circuit boards are prepared on the ceramic board by etching.The characteristics of the circuit-bound ceramic circuit boards are described in this paper.The original material manufacturing is the first component.The alumina,graphite and feldspar powders are manufactured according to the ratio of 10010-1526-30.The two components are tourmaline and ore containing rare elements,and the content of the two components is 4-6%of the total component.The raw materials prepared above are put in a grinder,crushed and ground into powder,and all of them are equal.Uniform mixing;a process of removing magnetic components before adding water and stirring;then forming;dull placing the formed object in a cool place to actively dry;the baking will place the formed dry product in a high temperature furnace,sintering at a high temperature of 1400 1700 C for 50-70 minutes after baking under the environment of filling inert gas in the high temperature furnace;To polish the surface of polished products,copper cladding is used to coat the single or double sides of high insulating alumina ceramic substrates with copper metals and then to heat them at high temperature of 1065 1085 C.The copper metals are eutectic melt with alumina raw materials due to oxidation and diffusion at high temperature,and the copper metals are bonded with ceramic substrates to form ceramics.Ceramic composite metal substrate;finally etched circuit to make ceramic circuit board.

  DPC ceramics,the process of removing magnetic components refers to the use of magnetic objects to move in the powder,completely eliminate the magnetic components in the powder,and demagnetize all the raw material powder with magnetic components in the magnetic processing equipment.The forming process refers to putting the stirred data into the forming structure to produce a uniform and large-sized shape.In the baking process,the moisture content in the forming is controlled below 0.2%.After the preparation of ceramic PCB circuit board is completed,insulating oil is attached to the circuit surface.The biggest advantage of the invention is that the method chooses a ceramic PCB circuit board with good thermal conductivity,and adds copper to the ceramic board to sinter into eutectic melt to form a ceramic composite metal substrate.The LED light source is directly encapsulated on the ceramic heat dissipation substrate,and heat dissipated to the ceramic circuit board through the LED grains.The problem of light decay caused by thermal resistance of the high power LED light source in the installation process is solved.

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