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Brief Analysis of the Advantages of Wear-resistant Ceramic Valves

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Ceramic substrates are still metal valves in China's industry.Generally speaking,metal valves have been used in shopping malls for hundreds of years.However,with the changes of the times,metal valves are restricted by external factors.With the development of technology,ceramic valves gradually enter shopping malls.

  Because of the small deformation,the bonding strength of ceramic valve material is much higher than that of metal.Generally speaking,the crystal ionic radius of ceramic valve material is smaller and the high coordination number of ionic electricity price is larger.These properties determine its tensile strength.The compressive strength,modulus of elasticity and hardness of ceramic valve materials are very high,but the brittleness and processing difficulty of ceramic materials restrict their scale of use.With the development and progress of martensitic transformation toughening technology,composite material technology and nano-ceramic concept,the brittleness of ceramics has been greatly improved.The durability and strength of ceramic valves have been greatly improved,and their limitations have been expanding.

  Ceramic valves can meet the high wear and corrosion conditions,especially the prominent feature is long service life.The function-price ratio of ceramic valves is far superior to other similar metal valves.With the development of science and technology and the advancement of ceramic valve materials,its matching and forming technology is becoming more and more mature.Ceramic valves have gained more and more recognition in the valve industry because of their excellent performance.The successful manufacturing experience of ceramic valves is rich and can be extended to a wider range of Engineering applications.

  Ceramic substrates,with the development of economy,the use of ceramic valves in petrochemical machinery is very advanced and valuable.The wear and corrosion resistance of ceramic valves has been replaced by other parts.This is one of the main development trends of high-tech shopping malls in the future.

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