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How to Choose Suppliers of AlN Ceramic Substrate?

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Ceramic substrates are popular in the market because of their light weight,good heat dissipation and strong insulation.However,the market of ceramic substrates is not as mature as that of FR4 boards,which can be done by many manufacturers.However,ceramic substrates are relatively new and highly skilled circuit boards.Ceramic substrates are divided into alumina ceramic substrates and aluminium nitride ceramic substrates.Basically,both alumina and aluminium nitride ceramic substrates can be made.The thermal conductivity of aluminium nitride ceramic substrates is three times that of alumina,and the compressive resistance of aluminium nitride ceramic substrates is also stronger.Next,let me share some references on how to choose suppliers of AlN ceramic substrates.

  First,whether there is a corresponding base material for aluminium nitride ceramic substrate

  Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate is divided into domestic and imported substrates.Many sheets are not readily available and need to be ordered.Therefore,it is necessary to confirm whether there are suitable sheets before choosing the manufacturer.

  Second,understand the company's ceramic substrate process ability

  Through collaborative case analysis,whether the manufacturer can support the ceramic plate of this process,such as plate thickness,copper thickness.

  Width and spacing,whether drilling is needed,etc.

  3.Select the manufacturer with proper delivery time according to its own needs

  Generally,the more serious the delivery time,the more expensive the cost will be,the more chaotic the process,and the relative length of the delivery time.Learn more about it and compare it with the due date.

  Fourth,understand the quality management system of the manufacturer to ensure that the function of the ceramic plate is qualified.

  Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate supplier which good,as long as all aspects of the factory meet the requirements,you can first make a sample test,confirm that the quality and function of ceramic circuit board is no problem before co-production.

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