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Application of Ceramic Circuit Board in the Field of LED Lamp

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  With China's accession to the United Nations Environment Conference,it is only a matter of time before the policy of gradually banning the manufacture and import and export of mercury-added products is implemented,which means that ultraviolet LED as a substitute for mercury lamp will usher in blowout development.In addition,the ceramic substrates knows that ultraviolet LED is widely used in lighting,printing,medical health,high-density information storage and confidential communications because of its advantages of sterilization,mercury-free,environmental protection,etc.,and its prospects are promising.

  However,the heat dissipation problem of high-power LED lamp is a bottleneck of its development in the field of lighting,which is an important reason restricting its new generation of lighting sources.

  Chip-Aluminum Substrate-Radiator three-layer structure mode is currently the choice of most high-power LED lighting in the market.It still follows the method of LED used for display lamp and indicator lamp in the early days as the thermal management system of high-power LED.This thermal management mode is limited to the use of low-power LED.There are still many unreasonable aspects in the system structure of high-power LED illumination prepared by using three-layer structure mode.The high junction temperature,low heat dissipation efficiency and more touch thermal resistance between the structures make the heat released by the chips unable to be released in time and effectively,which makes the LED lighting lamp have low focusing efficiency,short life and large light decay,and can not satisfy the lighting demand.Constrained by many factors such as structure,cost and power consumption,passive heat dissipation mechanism is the main choice for high-power LED lighting,while passive heat dissipation has great limitations.

  Generally speaking,the life of LED lamp decreases with the increase of working temperature.And LED heat dissipation generally through the following methods:1.heat dissipation from the air.2.The thermal energy is directly derived from the circuit board.3.Heat energy is derived from gold wire.4.If the process is eutectic and flip chip,the thermal energy will be derived from the through-hole to the system circuit board.Therefore,the choice of heat dissipation substrate materials and the packaging method of LED grains play an important role in the heat dispersion management of LED.

Ceramic Substrate

  It is understood that the most important role of the LED heat sink is how to effectively transmit heat energy from the LED grain to the system heat dissipation,in order to reduce the temperature of the LED grain,add luminous efficiency and extend the life of the LED.Therefore,the heat sink heat conduction effect has become one of the important evaluation items when the industry chooses the heat sink.The thermal conductivity of the traditional aluminum based printed circuit board MCPCB is 1 to 2W/mk,while the thermal conductivity of alumina ceramics is 15~35 W/m.k,the thermal conductivity of aluminum nitride ceramics is 170~230 W/m.k,and the ceramic substrate has high thermal conductivity.Now it is the most suitable solution for high power LED heat dissipation.

  At present,there are four kinds of ceramic heat dissipation substrates:LTCC,HTCC,DBC,DPC.Sliton ceramic circuit board will also be mainly used to update the skills.Its advantage is that the thermal conductivity of laser technology is very high.Together,it has the advantages of high bonding strength between metal layer and ceramic,good conductivity and repeated welding.Now the only brand that can reach this skill in the market is the Sliton family.

  Influenced by the support policy of the national integrated circuit industry,by 2020,the domestic semiconductor component industry will adhere to a compound annual growth rate of 20%,with a plan of 4.6 billion US dollars.Ceramic Substrate Editor believes that ceramic circuit board has a wide range of use cases and fields in the LED industry because of its excellent heat dissipation characteristics,and it is bound to have high commercial value in the future.

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