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Low Thermal Conductivity Aluminum Substrate: A Universal Aluminum-based Copper Clad Plate

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DPC ceramics,low thermal conductivity aluminium substrates,which are commonly referred to as low-end aluminium substrates,are a kind of universal aluminium-based copper clad laminates.Generally,the insulation layer is composed of epoxy glass cloth bonding sheets.

  The main technical requirements of low thermal conductivity aluminium substrates are as follows:

  1.Scale requirements:including plate size and error,thickness and error,verticality and warpage;

  2.Appearance:including cracks,scratches,burrs and layers,aluminium oxide film and other requirements;

  3.Performance:including peeling strength,surface resistivity,minimum breakdown voltage,dielectric constant,combustion and thermal resistance.

  II.Special Testing Method for Low Thermal Conductivity Aluminum Substrate

  1.The measurement method of dielectric constant and dielectric loss factor is variable Q value series resonance method.The sample and tuned capacitor are connected in series to high frequency circuit to measure Q value of series circuit.

  2.Thermal resistance measurement method is calculated by the ratio of temperature difference and heat conduction between different temperature measuring points.

  Aluminum substrate is one of the main materials in LED industry.Its insulating layer is made up of polymer(mainly epoxy resin)filled with high thermal conductivity and high insulation ceramic powder.DPC ceramics shows that such insulating layer has good thermal conductivity(thermal conductivity is up to 2.2/m-K),high insulation strength and good bonding performance.

DPC ceramics

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