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What is Thermoelectric Separation Copper Substrate?

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Ceramic Substrate,Thermoelectric Separation Copper Substrate,as a new type of solid-state pipe,has the advantages of satisfying high power heat dissipation,prolonging service life and environmental protection,etc.Thermoelectric Separation technology is relatively messy and difficult to produce.Thermoelectric Separation Copper Substrate also includes circuit layer,resistance welding layer,silk-printed character layer,with LED beads welded on it and copper plate on the back.It will use solar white oil,which has high reflectivity.So it is also called solar white oil copper substrate.

  The heat diffusion of solder joints in high thermal conductivity substrates is very fast,so a higher power soldering iron is needed to weld perfectly.Ceramic substrates,while the solder joints on the low thermal conductivity substrates are relatively insulated from the substrates.In the azimuth of the copper substrates,the insulating layer is removed by drilling holes,and the copper coating is exposed to the aluminium plate.Then the exposed aluminium plate is coated with tin metal layer,which can be welded through repeated research,discussion and processing verification.Only then can the solder be welded.First,zinc deposited,then nickel plated on the zinc surface,then copper plated on the nickel surface,and Tin spraying or gold deposit using the above processing sequence has strong adhesion and good thermal conductivity.

Ceramic Substrate

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