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DPC Ceramics, Talking about the Application of Alumina Thermal Conductive Ceramic Slices

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  In the current market,there is a kind of thermal conductive material called alumina thermal conductive ceramic sheet,which is commonly used in the electronic industry as a thermal conductive product.DPC ceramics,in fact,alumina thermal conductive ceramic sheet has stable physical and chemical functions and excellent mechanical and electrical functions.It is not only a high insulation material,its thermal conductivity is 25W/m.k,but also withstands voltage of 13KV.Therefore,it becomes the best choice for high-power equipment by virtue of its outstanding functions and excellent price performance-price ratio.Today we will share the application of alumina thermal conductive ceramic sheets.

  In fact,in the industry,alumina thermal conductive ceramic sheet not only has high insulation resistance and hardness,but also has excellent functions of wear resistance,corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.It is not only applied in the electronic industry,but also widely used in other industries,such as textile,petroleum,chemical industry,construction and electronics.The application of thermal conductive ceramic chips without selection is manifested in the following conveniences:

  1.When the alumina thermal conductive ceramic sheet is not used in some products,the waveform of the measuring tube will change from normal to abnormal during the start-up period.

  2.More than half an hour after startup,if there is explosion or pipe burning,the circuit should be checked to see if there is any abnormality.

  3.Hand-felt pipes are very hot,and the radiator does not heat.

  4.After the sale of the product,for a long period of time,the customer returned the burnt-out machine.

  5.Many equipments require high thermal conductivity and insulation.

  6.DPC ceramics recommendation products have the above problems,alumina thermal conductive ceramics can be selected,because not only in the electronic industry,but also in other industries,alumina thermal conductive ceramics plays a very important role.

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