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A Unique Aluminum-based Copper-clad Laminate -- Single-sided Aluminum Substrate

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  Single sided aluminum base printed board is a kind of common metal aluminum base copper clad laminate,which has good thermal conductivity,electrical insulation,mechanical processing and other functions.It is widely used in circuit design scheme to conduct extremely effective treatment of three dispersions,reduce product operation speed,provide product power density,reliability and extend product service life;reduce product volume,reduce hardware and Installation cost:it can replace the fragile ceramic substrate and obtain better mechanical durability function,which is suitable for surface mounting technology and other electronic products.How is the structure and application of single-sided aluminum substrate?Let's see.

  I.structure of single-sided aluminum substrate

  The structure of single-sided aluminum-clad laminate is composed of copper foil,dielectric layer,metal aluminum substrate and protective film.Its structure is divided into four layers.

  Copper foil layer:equivalent to the general single-sided PCB copper clad plate layer,usually through screen printing,etching to form a printed circuit board,so that the components of the components are linked to each other.In general,the circuit layer requires a large current carrying capacity,so a thick copper foil with a thickness of(10z~100z)should be used.

  Dielectric layer:

  The dielectric layer is the core technology location of aluminum substrate,which can exist in three media forms:a.the dielectric layer is foil glass cloth solidified sheet,which is the same as the laminated media layer of multilayer printed boards,with low thermal conductivity and high thermal resistance;B.the dielectric layer is composed of special polymer filled with special ceramics,with small thermal resistance and excellent viscoelastic function,with the ability of thermal resistance,and can bear high mechanical and mechanical properties.Thermal stress.Its thickness is 50-150um;C,the form of mixing the semi-cured sheet and the coating structure.

  Metal aluminum base plate

  The aluminum base plate uses pure aluminum or aluminum alloy as the support component carrier,which requires high thermal conductivity.It is suitable for drilling,punching and cutting conventional machining,and its thickness is more than 0.8-6.0um.

  Resist film

  It is a layer of OPP protective film selected to avoid scratching on the back of aluminum substrate and pollution.The film is divided into two types:one is blue protective film,which is not resistant to high temperature;the other is brown high temperature protective film,which is resistant to drilling and tin spraying,with a film thickness of 35um.

  2.Single sided aluminum substrates are mostly used in electronic products:

  1.Car electronic equipment:igniter,voltage regulator,automatic safety control system,communication exchanger.

  2.Motorcycle electronic products:igniter,power regulator,voltage regulator

  3.Voltage equipment:switch regulator,transfer switch,high power supply,solar power base plate

  4.Communication electronic equipment:car phone,filter circuit

  5.Electronic control:relay,switch,radiator,motor controller

  6.Lighting:LED exterior wall lighting,led stage lighting,etc.;domestic LED lighting

  7.Household appliances:frequency converter,led liquid crystal module light bar,air conditioner,IC chip carrier.

  With the continuous development of other areas,the prospect of aluminum based printed boards has been pushed to a wider range.The above is the organization and application scope of the single-sided aluminum substrate shared by the ceramic substrate editor.I hope it can help you!

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