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Introduction of Phenolic Copper Clad Laminate with Wide Application

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  Phenolic copper-clad laminate is widely used in PCB circuit board and insulated structural parts of motor and electrical equipment with high mechanical performance requirements.Because of its poor interlaminar performance,it is prone to delamination and crack damage after impact.These damages will not only reduce the static strength of the composite structure,but also affect the operation and reliability of the whole motor and electrical equipment.Therefore,the Ceramic Substrate professionals told me that the phenolic copper clad laminate is usually required to conduct modal analysis to avoid its natural frequency and ensure its strength.

  Phenolic copper clad laminate is made by hot pressing a layer of copper foil on the phenolic base plate.The ceramic base plate and the phenolic base plate are the phenolic laminated board,also known as XPC FR-2 phenolic board or electric board,which are made of bleached wood pulp paper soaked with phenolic resin and hot pressed.Because of its characteristics of insulation,no static electricity,wear resistance and high temperature resistance,the bakelite board has become the insulation switch of electronic products,the mould for variable resistance,mechanical use and the fixture of production line.At the same time,it is used as insulation parts in the textile industry and electrical processing.Its products can be used in the transformer oil or processed into combs,with a wide range of uses.

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