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Characteristics of Ceramic Substrate and Silicon Nitride Ceramic Substrate

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  Silicon nitride ceramic substrate is a strange product for people who are not engaged in this field,but this product has been applied to all aspects of our life.More representative is all kinds of lighting appliances.Because of its own characteristics,silicon nitride ceramic substrate is suitable for this kind of products.

  Silicon nitride ceramic substrate has a very good heat-resistant function,and its deformation under the influence of heat is very small,which makes it very popular in the field of high temperature apparatus.Although this kind of material is not metal,its strength is no less than that of metal in some aspects after many years of material research and improvement.Therefore,in some areas where there are simultaneous requirements for heat-resistant function and strength,silicon nitride ceramic substrate is often more popular than metal with larger coefficient of thermal expansion,and because of small coefficient of thermal expansion,silicon nitride ceramic substrate is more popular.This kind of material is also very popular in the field of microelectronics,which requires high dimensional accuracy.

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