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Introduction of 3D Bendable Aluminum Substrate of DPC Ceramics

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DPC ceramics refers to a 3D bendable aluminum substrate,which specifically describes:bendable aluminum substrate,3D aluminum substrate,180 degree bending aluminum substrate.

  With the development of electronic industry technology,the production and process technology of aluminum substrate are also constantly developing and progressing.In some hot electronic areas,aluminum substrate is usually used as circuit substrate.However,most of the aluminum substrates on the market are fixed and cannot be bent or folded.Slight collision and extrusion will cause damage to the aluminum substrate,and the whole aluminum substrate body will be damaged.The large volume greatly reduces the flexibility and portability of the aluminum substrate,which severely affects the application range of the aluminum substrate.

  A 3D bendable aluminum substrate includes a plurality of horizontally arranged aluminum substrate units,which is characterized in that:

  1.The structure of the aluminum base plate unit is rectangular;

  2.The interior of the aluminum base plate unit is provided with a heat dissipation mesh;

  3.The front and back sides of the aluminum base plate unit are provided with semicircle positioning grooves;

  4.The upper part of the aluminum base plate unit is uniformly provided with a number of LED lamp bead pads,and a heat dissipation hole is arranged between the LED lamp bead pads;

  5.The inner part of the cooling hole is coated with a cooling coating;

  6.A heat sink is arranged in the middle of the lower part of the aluminum base plate unit;

  7.A number of heat dissipation stripes are arranged at the lower part of the fast heat dissipation,and a bending structure is arranged between two adjacent aluminum base plate units;

  8.The upper part of the bending structure is provided with a bending groove;

  9.The lower right side of the aluminum base plate unit is provided with an FPC adapter;

  10.The lower left side of the aluminum base plate unit is connected with a flexible circuit board;

  11.The left side of the flexible circuit board unit is provided with FPC connector;

  12.The FPC joint and the FPC adaptor cooperate with each other to form a plug-in connection structure.

  The above is about DPC ceramics

DPC ceramics

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