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What is The Reason Why DPC Ceramic and Silicon Nitride Ceramic Substrate are Pushed by People?

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  We often see silicon nitride ceramic substrate in various construction and fine electronics.DPC ceramics editor survey found that most people have such a doubt:what is this product in the end?Why can it be used or even promoted by users across such a large industry gap?

  In fact,silicon nitride ceramic substrate is a kind of CO bonding compound.Although it can be seen in construction,it is not much in fact.Silicon nitride ceramic substrate is not cheap,so it is generally used in various fine electronic components as the main material of heat conduction.

  According to the books of DPC ceramics,there is no melting point in silicon nitride ceramic substrate.When the ambient temperature reaches 1900c,silicon nitride ceramic substrate will differentiate.In other words,silicon nitride ceramic substrate has excellent heat resistance.Because of its excellent heat-resistant performance,it also brings the advantages of small thermal expansion coefficient,which makes silicon nitride ceramic substrate very popular in the fine electronics industry with very high precision requirements,which is one of the reasons why people are keen on silicon nitride ceramic substrate.

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