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DPC Ceramics, Flexible Copper Clad Laminate "Growth Path"

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DPC ceramics consulting books are summarized as follows:flexible copper clad laminate refers to the single-sided flexible copper clad laminate or double-sided flexible copper clad laminate,which is made of PI film or polyester film as the base material,and the surface is covered with thin copper foil conductor to meet the flexure performance requirements.Compared with the rigid copper clad laminate,the flexible copper clad laminate is light,thin and flexible,so the FPC based on the flexible copper clad laminate is widely used in mobile phones,digital cameras,car satellite orientation equipment,LCD TVs,laptops and other electronic products.

  Flexible copper-clad laminates can be traced back to 1898 patent on the use of paraffin paper substrate to make planar conductors.In 1960,American engineers first applied metal foil on thermoplastic film and then etched it to form circuit pattern on soft circuit board.After nearly half a century's development,flexible copper clad laminate has become an indispensable part of consumer electronic products such as tablet computers and mobile phones.Flexible copper clad laminates in China have been developed since 1980s.From two kinds of 3-layer flexible copper clad laminates(3l-fccl)which were first developed by 704 factory in 1987,to the flexible copper clad laminates produced by Hubei Institute of chemistry,it gradually formed a certain planned capacity,witnessing the rapid development of flexible copper clad laminate industrialization in China.Up to now,the total production capacity of flexible copper clad laminates in China has exceeded 108 m2,ranking among the largest copper clad laminate producers in the world.

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