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Ceramic Substrate Brief Introduction of The Advantages of Silicon Nitride Ceramic Substrate over Metal Materials

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Ceramic substrate brief introduction of the popular advantages of silicon nitride ceramic substrate over metal materials where people always inevitably compare silicon nitride ceramic substrate with traditional metal materials when choosing precise electronic component materials.In contrast,silicon nitride ceramic substrates often have the following advantages:

  1.Higher mechanical strength and rigidity

  In electronic components,if the material deforms,it will affect the performance of the whole component to a great extent.The high mechanical strength can effectively prevent the deformation of materials.The mechanical strength of silicon nitride ceramic substrate is generally much higher than that of corundum.

Ceramic substrate

  2.high hardness

  The hardness of silicon nitride ceramic substrate is appropriately high,which is not inferior to most of the metal materials at normal temperature and pressure level,or even beyond.Compared with the common metal materials,the friction coefficient of silicon nitride ceramic substrate is less than most of the metal materials in the condition of no lubrication,and the wear resistance is better.

  3.corrosion resistance

  Except for stainless steel alloy,most of the metals will inevitably rust under certain temperature and humidity.The silicon nitride ceramic substrate will not corrode in most of the temperature and humidity conditions because of the characteristics of ceramics.

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