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Analysis of DPC Ceramic and Led Copper Substrate

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  In recent two years,high-power LED lighting conforms to the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection,and obtains high-speed development,which injects a strong driving force for the rapid growth of copper substrate.For a while,the upsurge of copper substrate has been raised all over the country.In this paper,DPC ceramics focuses on the analysis of the copper substrate used for LED.

  In fact,LED has been used in the market for a long time,and its application fields mainly focus on PDA,mobile phone and other consumer electronic markets.The lifespan of these products is relatively short,and the lifespan of LED is not the main problem,because before the lifespan of LED lighting expires,these products are now obsolete or expired.

  With the continuous progress of LED planning and technology,the brightness of LED is constantly improved to compete with incandescent lamp,fluorescent lamp and even halogen lamp.Like most electronic devices,heat is the biggest threat to LEDs.

  Although most people think that led does not heat,in fact,relative to its volume,LED produces a lot of heat.Heat not only affects the brightness of LED,but also changes the color of light,which will eventually lead to LED failure.Therefore,it is becoming more and more important to prevent the accumulation of LED heat.

DPC ceramics

  The key to keep the LED high brightness for a long time is to select the most advanced heat treatment data.The selection of copper substrate with high heat conduction function is one of the elements.

  Copper substrate is one of the most expensive metal substrates.Its heat conduction is many times better than aluminum substrate and iron substrate.It is suitable for high frequency circuit,high and low temperature changing area and fine communication equipment heat dissipation and building decoration.Generally,there are gold-plated copper base plate,silver plated copper base plate,tin sprayed copper base plate,anti-oxidation copper base plate,etc.

  The circuit layer of copper substrate requires a large current carrying capacity,so thick copper foil with a thickness of 35μm~280μm should be used.The thermal insulation layer is the core technology of copper substrate.The core thermal conductivity component is composed of aluminum oxide and silica powder and polymer filled with epoxy resin,with small thermal resistance(0.15),excellent viscoelastic function,heat aging resistance and mechanical acceptance.And thermal stress.

  DPC ceramic small braid introduces that the metal bottom of copper substrate is the support component of copper substrate,which requires high thermal conductivity.Generally,copper plate can also be used(in which copper plate can provide better thermal conductivity),which is suitable for drilling,punching,cutting and other conventional machining.
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