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What is The Production Process of Ceramic Substrate and Street Lamp LED Aluminum Substrate?

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  What is the manufacturing process of LED aluminum substrate?Let's take a look at it together with ceramic substrate.

  1.LED aluminum substrate cutting:cutting raw materials to the size required in production;

  2.LED aluminum base plate drilling:positioning drilling for the plate to provide help for subsequent processing;

  3.LED aluminum substrate circuit imaging:the part needed for the circuit appears on the plate

  4.Etching of aluminum substrate:after the circuit imaging,save the required parts,and the rest do not need to be etched;

  5.Aluminum substrate silk screen welding resistance:to prevent non welding points from being contaminated with solder,and prevent tin from entering to form short circuit.In wave soldering,solder mask is very important,which can be used to protect the circuit against moisture.

  6.Aluminum substrate silk screen characters:for indication;

  7.Surface treatment of aluminum base plate:to maintain the surface;

  8.CNC:NC the whole board;

  9.Withstand voltage test:test whether the circuit works normally;

  10.Package and delivery of aluminum base plate:confirm that the package is intact and beautiful,and the quantity is correct.

  For the process flow of LED aluminum substrate described in the above ceramic substrate,we can better know that its production process is very rigorous.Only a rigorous process flow can produce high-quality LED aluminum substrate.

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