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DPC Ceramics, Soaring, China's PCB Industry to a New High

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  PCB industry has a huge scale,and the global growth rate in 2017 exceeded expectations.PCB is an essential component of most electronic equipment products,and its downstream application covers a wide range of fields,including communication,computer,aerospace,industrial control medical,consumer electronics,car electronics,etc.DPC ceramics,driven by strong demand for high-end smart phones,car electronization,continuous development of new PCB skills,China's 5g coming to power,global economic recovery and other conditions,in 2018,China's PCB soared and flourished!

  According to the data calculated by prismark,the global PCB production reached 54.207 billion US dollars in 2016,and the growth rate in 2017 is expected to exceed 7%,exceeding the original expectation.

  Research organizations also believe that this is mainly due to the strong demand for high-end smartphones and car electronics,the continuous development of new PCB skills and the global economic recovery.

  The trend of industrial transfer is clear,and domestic PCB enterprises are rising rapidly.According to prismark's data,from 2008 to 2016,the global production share of China's PCB industry has steadily increased,reaching 50.04%in 2016,and the position of the largest PCB producer has been constantly stable.From the perspective of capacity scale,from 2008 to 2016,the output of PCB industry in China increased from US$15.037 billion to US$27.123 billion,with an annual compound growth rate of 7.65%,far higher than the global compound growth rate of 1.47%.

  It is more meaningful to analyze PCB industrial transfer from the perspective of property rights.In 2016,the average annual growth rate of domestic PCB enterprises reached 13.5%,leading the world,while Taiwan and Japanese manufacturers showed negative growth.According to the research organization,the main reasons for the growth of domestic PCB manufacturers leading the world are:(1)location advantage;(2)enterprising spirit;(3)capital market support.

  From the perspective of production,domestic PCB enterprises accounted for 12.73%of the world in 2015,and the share of high-end products in product structure was also small,so there was still appropriate growth space.

  According to the news from the Ministry of industry and information technology of Xinhua news agency,5g commercial or near commercial products are expected to be launched in June 2018,and the pace of 5g era is approaching.The main applications of PCB products in communication field include wireless network,transmission network,data communication and fixed network broadband.Compared with 2g-4g communication system,5g will make more use of 3000-5000mhz and millimeter wave frequency band(28ghz and 60GHz),and at the same time,it requires data transmission rate to improve more than 10 times,so the demand for high-frequency and high-speed PCB will be greatly increased.

  The trend of car electronic level is very clear,which brings strong demand to PCB.According to prismark data,in 2017,the total scale of car PCB market was about 4 billion US dollars,with an increase rate of about 10%.In the future,it is still driven by the two upsurge of smart cars and new energy cars.

DPC ceramics

  According to IDC's forecast data,the global HPC market size will increase from US$23.121 billion in 2015 to US$31.403 billion in 2019,with a compound annual growth rate of 8.0%.The research organization believes that this will drive the development of PCB skills such as high-level number,large size,high aspect ratio,high density and high-speed materials.

  Supply side reform and environmental protection supervision are conducive to the improvement of industry concentration.The cost of PCB enterprises is more sensitive to the price of main raw materials such as electrolytic copper foil,fiberglass cloth,synthetic resin,semi curing sheet,etc.the effect of price increase will put greater pressure on the gross profit rate of PCB companies.DPC ceramics,at the same time,the research organization thinks that all PCB industrial chain industries with pollution risk are likely to withdraw from the game under the strong supervision pressure of environmental protection,raw material prices will stay at a high level for a long time,the imbalance between supply and demand of all industrial chain will continue,and the industry concentration is expected to increase,which is conducive to leading enterprises in the industry.

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