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Ceramic Substrate, The Secret of FPC Board Life, Do You Know?

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  FPC cable has good flexibility and good bending.Some FPC circuit boards are too long or cracked.What is the secret behind the life of ceramic substrate and FPC circuit board?

  The length of FPC cable is just right,so it can be bent or flattened freely.The design of FPC is the key factor.When designing FPC shape,we should pay attention to the clearance with B/C parts and through holes.When the wall thickness and strength of the B/C parts are satisfactory,try to leave more space for FPC.Because FPC needs to pass through these places and swing with the opening and closing of the flip of the mobile phone,and FPC itself is relatively fragile,this place is also the place where FPC is most prone to problems.It is easy to scratch FPC and the shell.Not only will there be noise when the flip rotates,but also the FPC will crack after a long time.Affect life.

  Due to the constraints of the thickness of the whole mobile phone,the rotating shaft and the FPC through-hole of B/C parts,the FPC line width will generally be designed as 3 or 3.5mm(if calculated according to 3.5mm,the line distance between the two ends of the edge is 0.4mm from the FPC edge respectively,and calculated according to the line width and the line distance of 0.1mm,so that each layer of the board can be laid with about 13 lines),and the thickness is 0.2 or 0.3mm(the FPC is 2+2 or 3+2 structure).

ceramic substrate

  The standard diameter is more than 50mm.Because the two ends of large standard valves are mostly flange type interfaces,the flange plate is also mostly used for the connection of pipes and valves.In addition,the flexible joint is also necessary for the installation of high current connector.The root tie,also known as root hoop and lock nut,consists of a short pipe section with one end of short screw thread and the other end of long screw thread(no tip at the root)and a root nut,plus a pipe hoop with the inner wall of through wire to form a long wire.Its function is the same as the flexible joint,which is used as a detachable flexible connection for heat dissipation.When the bushing is on,the threaded pipe hoop can also be omitted;the flange plate and left and right two pieces form a pair,and the function is the same as the movable joint.

  The final bending and flattening of FPC are easy,and easy to modify.It can simulate the theoretical and real position of FPC in the through-hole from a good design.When designing FPC with Pro/E,we use sheet metal module instead of part solid module.Because in sheet metal module,FPC can make the FPC shape closest to the actual situation.

  The above are the factors that affect the life of FPC circuit board caused by the small-sized ceramic substrate,the core of which is the design.Only when the design is well controlled,the samples made can be gradually shortened after the folding experiment according to the analysis results.

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