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How to Add Balance Copper Block to Multilayer Circuit Board?

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  Considering the balance between the mass production function and the electrical function(Si,EMI,ESD and other)requirements of Multilayer PCB,the design of Multilayer PCB should add corresponding copper balance blocks in the inner and outer layers of Multilayer PCB according to the copper layer dispersion,so as to eliminate the PCB appearance difference caused by the increase of Multilayer PCB manufacturers and the potential impact on the electrical function requirements.Ceramic Substrate.This paper is suitable for the reference of adding copper balance block in the design of Multilayer PCB by EDA design department.

  Let's first understand what is copper balancing:in order to improve the colloid activity in lamination caused by the uneven density distribution of inner layer copper layer and the difference of plating thickness caused by the uneven density distribution of outer layer copper layer,we need to add corresponding isolated copper blocks on each layer of PCB.The DFM method of improving the uniform distribution of copper layer density is generally carried out by the manufacturer of multi-layer PCB or the original OEM manufacturer in the original PCB.

  Blocking:add non-conductive materials and conductive materials in the inner layer of Multilayer PCB to avoid colloidal activity in the blank area.

  Copper thieving:also known as electroplating block,refers to the copper balance block added in the outer graphic area of multi-layer PCB,PCB assembly auxiliary strip and panel auxiliary strip area.

Ceramic Substrate

  Base material area:refers to the plane area of non-conductive base material completely composed of resin and fiber in PCB.The base material area is the target area of copper balance block.Since there is no clear scale definition rule,the area scale of base material area in this rule shall be treated as base material area if it meets the following requirements:

  1.If the mesoscale of single PCB plane layer exceeds 3000mil x 3000mil or 1000mil x 5000 mil


  2.There are 1″*2″or 0.5″*5″substrate areas in the graph of half or more layers of GND layer;

  3.As for the graph of half or more layers of GND layer,which is close to milling slot(or connected with milling slot)and has an area of more than 1″*1″,where there is a single p-piece in ML plate arrangement structure;②the inner layer has copper≥2oz;the base material area under any condition

  Adding method of balance copper block

  1.The copper balance block outside the PCB area(excluding the process edge for PCB assembly)on the PCB panel shall be increased by each manufacturer according to its own process,which is generally irregular.

  2.The increase of PCB assembly process edge shape without special requirements can be added by PCB manufacturer,but for the process edge required by special test or assembly,EDA design department shall directly add it in PCB according to rules.

  3.Considering the diversity of design,EDA design department can choose the shape and scale of the following rules:

  1)the designer can add copper plating balance block to the outer layer,and it is required to select 40 mil square or circular,with a spacing of 60 mil and a center spacing of 100 Mil.Adhere to the same interval with the common digital signal of more than 200mil,interval high-voltage power supply(12V)+or high current area(more than 1a)of more than 600mil,and specific edge of more than 500mil.

  2)the inner layer is added with flow blocking block.Choose 40 mil square or round,100 Mil heart interval,half of the upper and lower compartments can be selected,which are the same as the ordinary digital signal,with the interval power supply(12 V)+or high current area(more than 1 a)of 400 mil,and the interval edge of more than 400 mil.

  4)the area where the manufacturer is strictly not allowed to add balance weight shall be marked separately on the production drawing.

  5)for the PCB with asymmetric h direction,in order to improve the balance,a larger scale shape can be selected for the large-area substrate area.

  Steps for adding balance copper block

  You can add skills or choose to add skills automatically.The skill calendar program can be added as follows:

  1)load skill program.The command is skill load"auto balance.IL"

  2)add the balance subclass in the manufacturing category

  3)add corresponding area according to the definition of base material area.Separate operation for each layer.Key in"auto balance"command,

  4)check DRC.

  5)view final CAM data

  In addition,the manufacturability of PCB has been further improved,which is helpful to reduce the production cost of PCB.Ceramic Substrate.The paper is dedicated to the staff who design Multilayer PCB.

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